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  • Yep, I'll transfer them all tonight. You want them on your actual Pearl game card and not a flashcard or anything, right? (So I can't just send you the 4th gen .pkm files, unless you want to use or something)

    If you need them to be traded to you through wifi, I won't be here until around 5 PM (EST) tomorrow so it would have to be tonight if you can't trade for a few weeks after 3 tomorrow.

    Also, if you're using VBA there's a much more efficient way to save individual Pokemon other than .3gpkm files or whatever. Go to memory viewer, select 32-bit, and click "save". Always use 64 for the size. For the address in Emerald:

    Party Slot 1 - 20244EC
    Slot 2 - 2024550
    Slot 3 - 20245B4
    Slot 4 - 2024618
    Slot 5 - 202467C
    Slot 6 - 20246E0

    I prefer to always use slot 2, I don't really know why but it's what I was originally told to use by multiple people when I started 3rd gen RNG.

    You can then load the .dmp (memory dump) file at any time using the "load" function of memory viewer.
    I can do the VBA thing for you, if you want. I'd transfer the sav to my Emerald game then Pal Park from there.

    edit: if you're back on before I am and want me to do it for you, you can send your sav to
    To everyone who has business with me, please read:

    I am at the moment on a Poke-sabbatical, and I won't be back for a little while.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    I'm glad. That still sucks though. :c

    Oh, you don't know how to extract pkm files? You have Enciclopedia Pokemon, right?
    Basically, you open EP up, open your save file in the battery editor, then hit the Edit button by the pokemon who's pkm you want to extract (it has to be in your party on the save). When you're looking at that pokemon's page with all their details like nature and PID and stuff, hit the File button in the top left corner, then select Save and choose a name for the file as well as what folder you want the pkm to be saved in. 3rd gen pkm files have the file extension .3gpkm.

    Then you can reload the save state, save without using the tutor, and place the pkm file on that new save. :]
    Thanks for your suggestions (:. I never thought of Eggsacuter(my spelling is so terrible). Ill test him and see how he works.
    Okay, well that sounds like a really old version of VBA.

    That's the version I use, and I really recommend it. I'm not sure how or why your saves are getting corrupted because I've used that version of VBA from the start and my files have never corrupted. :s
    I'm sorry I couldn't help more, but I only know a little about emulators. ._.
    I'm not sure D:
    I don't know how that could have happened. It's never happened to me.
    Aright thanks for telling me... I'm working on ur Aranine and Gyrarados banner right now, they should be done like at 12am or 1am.
    Hey Ashen can you rate my team I put up. I figured you'd be able to help. Sun teams are rarely talked about, so any input will be appreciated.
    What do you mean by adjacent? If you want to create a new save file, simply change the original save's name so that it doesn't match the rom's. Then you can create a new one.
    Yeah you can do that. That's pretty much how I do it when I'm move tutoring like DynamicPunch onto a pokemon. Since that move tutor is 1 shot and done, I make a save state before doing the tutoring, teach the mon, then save. Then I extract the tutored pokemon's pkm file from the save, reload savestate and save so I can still use the tutor again.
    You can delete savestates by going to the VBA folder, opening the save folder and deleting the files there. Save states are stored in the save folder.

    Also, here is a link to xElite's IDRNG program:

    And you need python 2.7 to run it. Here's a link to Python's download page:

    Also, another thing about save states. Unless you save from a savestate, you can load one and SR and it will still use the savefile from before you loaded the save state. I hope that makes sense. ;_;
    are you sure? i have a little plume of smoke out of its cigarette (like your avatar :0!) that's animated
    QUICK i need to know if my avatar isnt spazzing out anymore for someone else

    and uh if it looks ok in a post
    oh maybe you don't have VBA-RR

    So it has it's own folder? Is there a battery folder where the emulator is?

    But that's strange. What version of VBA do you have? And is it in it's own folder?
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