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  • No, it's fine, you can have it free ^^

    I can't trade now though...maybe in an hour lol

    Sorry :O
    I'm sure I'll have a Female DW Dratini lying around and can give you one for free, but I can't trade long will you be around? I can definitely trade in about...7 hours XD
    So yes, you have to breed a male poliwag with the ditto to pass the Iv's and get a male offspring. Then breed that poli with the dw one to get what you desire.
    Female DW Poliwag + regular male or anything else in the egg group that is not a ditto has a 40% chance of passing the ability to an offspring I believe.
    If you could help me with a few questions though, I would be grateful too: A female DW-ability pokemon breeding with a Ditto will NOT transfer the DW ability, is that correct? So I would have to breed a male poliwag with that perfect ditto, then breed a good male offspring of theirs with the DW Poliwag in order to keep the ability?
    Certainly, although the ony way I'm coming across one is going to be through this thread. I'll clone it and hand it to you if I do get it.
    If you happen to come across the DW female Vulpix, would you mind just breeding me out another female with Drought for me to use for my own breeding purposes?
    Yes, I have a perfect Modest ditto on hand. The conditions attached to the ditto when I got it were that it was a fully redistributable, basically charity ditto, so if anything I should be giving it to you for free! So if there's anything in addition to that that you want, just say so.
    Do you happen to have a perfect or good IV spread Ditto that you could clone etc. for me?
    I would be very grateful if you did that for me. Is there anything I can offer you in return?
    Male Dark Pulse-Deino, Male Extremespeed Dratini, Female DW Poliwag.

    I can get you these 3, just going to take a few to breed you them.
    yeah, i can give you fourth gen. You dont need to give me any of the listed mons. ditto is ditto, and is full redis as long as it is passed along to anyone who asks.

    use my soul silver code, is in my sig
    If you can give me one in Gen IV that would be great (I have all of the listed pokemon in my Pokemon Pearl as well). If that's okay I'll go find my Pokemon Pearl FC.
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