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  • It's at Level 1.
    If you don't want a nickname you can just clone me back one. If you DO want a nickname I'll have to get it cloned first.
    Alright but I'm going to need to get it cloned first because I don't want my UT copies to have LANTURN as a nickname, unless you want to do that for me xD
    Lanturn (F)

    Calm-Volt Absorb
    Hatched at Vista Lighthouse

    It's done :naughty:
    Btw which pokeball for butterfree? It's kind of a pain in the neck to catch it in 2 different ones. But if your not sure I'll catch it in both
    Lol I got it done an hour after I last PM'd you xD. I thought if I don't get it done now it will never get done. I'm not to sure when I can trade because I'm going out soon.
    It's nps. lol Should you finish them I'll be eating my words! ;) I'm off for now however, enjoy whatever you're doing and good luck with your RNGing!
    Nothing badly meant to you. =P It's just the truth. lol Others get their Breeding Projects or Catching Projects done within a couple of days. ^^ Some though, are less reliable than others... By some, not meaning you this time! ;) But I've asked enough projects of people to know. lol
    lol well, you know... you've never finished a single BP or CP I've ever asked for. =P But that's okay.
    lol Okay I see. Well.. I've kind of come to not expect any BP/CP's from people to be actually finished, unless it's people who have done stuff for me before whom I trust and rely on. ^^ So I wasn't quite sure on I'd be getting Entei or Zapdos any time soon. =P
    lol I suppose. Although I prefer the summery months! ^^ October is a depressessing month! =P Everything goes cold and there's nothing to really look forward to. lol Although you'd only know if you had actual seasons in your year with weather changes. =P
    Hehe well, you know me. ^^ And that's cool, let me know how it goes with Entei!
    Well I got bored and got sick of sitting here waiting for people to breed stuff for me xD
    Well I started breeding that Chinchou today, and I got locked onto my Shiny Egg (so I can still hit delays!) but I guess I'm too slow to hit my regular delay of 618, which coincidentally has the only spreads that work with the parents I have so far. I'll probably do it this weekend as I'm busy for the rest of this week xD
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