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  • No Encounter Slots have nothing to do with the frame
    Each frame has a different encounter slot
    You need to find the frame with your desired encounter slot
    Advance your frame to that encounter slot and you have your pokemon
    Obviously sweet scenting before your frame because Sweet scent advances the frame by 2 in grass caves (in DPPt)
    And 3 on water (In DPPt)
    Im not sure about HG/SS
    There isnt much more to go in depth on encounter slots =/
    All you do is match the number of the frames encounter slot with the Pokesmon encounter slot
    Ok take a seed
    Put it into the clipboard and click generate (obviously method J or K)
    Right click on it
    Click calcultae encounter slots
    See where it says Sweet Scent grass etc etc?
    See the number next to it?
    THATS THAT FRAMES encounter slot
    Now you need to find a frame that matches up with the desired pokemon you want.
    Say you want swablu and its encounter slot is 2, you need to find a frame with an encounter slot of 2
    Just matching up numbers here not really difficult...
    Now of course you have to use different methods
    Sweet Scenting on Water
    Sweet Scenting on Grass/Caves
    It all depends on the pokes location
    The encounter slots of pokemon are in the link below the calculated encounter slots
    Just click on the link to your game (ie if I wanted plat encounter slots id click on platinum encounter slots :O)
    lol yeah.. A little. =P I also finally finished all my Pokémon I was working on so on to new, fresh breeds! ^^ Yey!
    I just finished its defense stat... (sdef takes no time at all and HP was done earlier) and just noticed it has the wrong ability for utility.... it has swift swim, not shell armor :-(
    btw, I'm making your omastar's moveset surf/SR/spikes/tspikes.... not entirely sure what you want it to be other than keep spikes and tspikes
    I did one of its stats earlier today, so its about half done... was gonna finish it in a couple hours.... why, you need it ASAP?
    Hey, for our trade: My Piplup and Sneasel for your Suicune and Articuno, can you change Suicune to Moltres? I just realized I have too many suicunes. Also, when are you available to trade? VM/PM me when you are.
    I heard you taught someone to rng with a mac, and I have no pc and would like to rng......
    so, will you tutor me.
    I was ignored on the tread
    Oh the way I understood it was in the rooms you release the roaming Pokémon there are no roaming NPC's.. usually anyhow! =P Nor are there any in most places you meet the other legendaries. ^^
    Hehe maybe I should just settle for RNG breeding! I suppose RNG catching legendaries is easier though. And with the roaming ones you don't quite have to worry about roaming NPC's either right?
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