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  • Ok...>< I went for it and then realized after I got an amazing spread that I have no idea how to RNG abuse in HG/SS. lol Could you please help me out?
    Hey man sorry I couldn't be on right my computer screwed up and I can't get on it . I'm only on right now becaus e I'm on my iPod again sorry
    Oh, sweet. So just select Method as "Chained Shiny" and then go to Seed Finder and do the rest? It's that easy?! *in disbelief* I can kill it and come back and it'll respawn there? Will it be a different nature? What do I need to do with RNG reporter to give it the nature and IVs I need?

    And I might make a request later on but it will be a pokemon that you like as well. Like Gardevoir or something.
    Just got my Glameow anyhow. =] 31,31,31,8,31,31 Fake Out, Assurance, Hypnosis, Quick attack, jolly with own tempo. Lovely. ^^
    Just meant that Arcanine is generally the FlareBlitz Pokémon! ^^ RNG breeding some LC Pokémon that are also going to work well in normal battling.. Glameow, Meowth, Doudou and Taillow. =]
    Hehe yeah.. well that one wont be getting Flare Blitz anyways will it? =P
    Pirates =/= Hackers. Mini Guerra was a hacker but their partner was legit. Unless there's been some new developments I haven't heard of.

    Btw, I have two questions to ask; a) Do you take breeding requests? b) If I want to RNG abuse the Gyarados in Lake of Rage, how do I go about it? I'm in that part of the game and I'm stuck since I don't want to let it go to waste.
    Alright, how about a pure special attacker? =) Doesn't matter what the attack would be then.
    Btw, any new pokemon? I really want to get my hands on a CB Pinsir and that Ditto for breeding. I asked your friend, but he never got back to me.
    Hiya. ^^ Yeah I still do want an Entei, if it's got HP Grass and if it's in one of the balls I like. =] Level Ball I think it is... The brown ish, red ish one...

    Aha.. it's unobtainable? Well, I suppose a different nature could do as well.. like a neutral one or Quiet/Rash?
    cool - ill be there. i cleared my inbox (dammit)
    could I get the link again, please ?

    oh we should vgc sometime ;)
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