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  1. Garchomp and Sand Veil Discussion

    But what separates SV from critical hits or hax or freeze? Like it or not, pokemon has luck.
  2. BW OU Simulation of a Drought (GeneSun team)

    Agreed. Every sun team needs ninetales. Dugtrio pretty much poops on Tyranitar, and EQ+Reversal stops specs toad dead cold. This team is completely different from gamestars. Vengeance was (one of) the first sun team to abuse a wobb-trio core to completely shut down opposing weather. Dugtrio...
  3. BW OU Simulation of a Drought (GeneSun team)

    There's nothing bad I can say about the team. It's amazing how sun evolved from hyper offense chlorophyll spinners to Ninetales+Dugtrio to Ninetales+multiple trappers to this. This is a fantastic team and this is probably my favorite sun team (which is hard to say, because I loved vengeance)...
  4. Creative (and good) Movesets Mk II (READ THE OP FIRST)

    Gamester and I used this for our Solar Vengeance team. The SpA Evs are used to 2HKO Landorus and Gliscor. The rest is put into HP/Def for bulkyness. Gyro Ball lets it check terrakion, which is essential for a sun team. HP ice is for Landorus, Gliscor, and dragons. Volt Switch gives you...
  5. Creative (and good) Movesets Mk II (READ THE OP FIRST)

    Forretress @ Leftovers Trait: Sturdy EVs: 240 HP / 8 Atk / 220 Def / 40 SAtk Relaxed Nature IVs: 2 Spd - Hidden Power [Ice] - Gyro Ball - Rapid Spin - Volt Switch This used with Dugtrio solves pretty much every problem.
  6. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    The idea behind this team is that weather is really common. You would have the advantage even if you had to trade Dugtrio and Wobbuffet for a Politoad. That's because a Venusaur or Victini in the sun is insane. Thanks for the comment!
  7. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    Hello I would have to respectfully disagree on how wobb/trio is easily countered. Yes, the combo isn't unbeatable, but between U-Turn on Victini and Volt Switch on forretress, it's really easy to lure and then switch into a trapper. For some pokemon, such as Heatran/Ninetales/any firetype for...
  8. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    We tried pure special venusaur but if dugtrio dies, or in the rare occasion we switch duggy into a scarf heatran, we lose.
  9. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    Hippo gets shut down by Wobbufett. If hippo does EQ, it gets killed with counter. If hippo uses SR, it gets tickle'd to -6 defense and duggy finishes it off. Forretress also laughs in the face of Hippowdon because it can spin all day. If hippowdon gets locked in roar, something that will...
  10. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    If specs toad switches in, you can sac someone and kill with wobb or kill with eq+reversal from Dugtrio.
  11. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    Reversal is needed because a EQ+Reversal at 1 HP kills bulky toad after 2 tickles from wobb. Reversal is also able to kill scarf terrakion after they break the sash if wobb is weak. Also, i'd disagree on Venusaur because taking bullet punch, mach punch, and ice shard is extremely important...
  12. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    Usually, what i'd do is send in Ninetales/Forretress to take the draco meteor. If it's choiced, go to volc and set up.
  13. Solar Vengeance (#1 on all major ladders)

    Great team. Anyways, 2 things. 1) You know that I personally run Volcarona (M) @ Lum Berry Trait: Flame Body EVs: 240 HP / 208 Def / 60 Spd Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk) - Quiver Dance - Fiery Dance - Bug Buzz - Morning Sun I like the bulky spread because it prevents dumb things like...
  14. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (BW2 OU anti-weather Sun Team)

    -Removed for special reasons-
  15. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (OU Sun Team)

    I made some changes based on previous rates, but i'm still struggling with a few threats SD Lucario Heavy Stall teams DDNite I tried changing Sawsbuck's spread to outspeed Adamant Lucario in neutral weather, but after a SD, it stomps everyone on my team. DDNite is still trouble, but i guess...