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  • Umm Freshers starts 17th, I'm guessing my first year will be very similar to yours as I have to do engineering foundation year first. What math topics did you cover just out of interest so I can un-rust myself before I go back :p

    When do you go back mate?
    Yeah man, my halls and student loans are all sorted, can't wait to start now!

    You ready for the real work to begin?
    Well, I'm back in late. :/
    I wish you good luck for the rest of the tournament, I didn't have that with my connection.
    Hi B-lulz, we are paired for the UU open and my timezone is GMT+2. If you want we can play tomorrow, after, I'll be certainly busy with my vacation.
    OH jesus, gah sorry I didn't check my account, take the win if you haven't already. Sorry about that :/
    ANd GL further on in the tourney! :D
    Hi. Wanna play for Grand Slam today? I can still play later so not a problem if you can't :p
    yeah ok that sounds good, hopefully we should be able to get this done easily.
    hi, I'm on holiday atm (GMT+3 but I'm pretty much still running on UK time so it shouldn't be too hard) so it probably won't be too easy to schedule stuff but I'll let you know if I have a free day which we can play on. Otherwise it would probably just be best to try to catch each other on IRC/PS/the forums I guess? If you want to schedule I will try my best to make it though but I can't guarantee anything
    Right now I'm camping, just temporarily found wifi at a Starbucks. I should be available to battle this Sunday, and iirc socal's GMT is -8, so I can battle pretty much anytime from 9am to 6pm my time. Monday also works in the late afternoon, and the rest of my week is pretty flexible. Hoping for a good game!
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