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  • I'm actually trading teams 3 and 4 to LordFeraligatr, right now, so It'll be like 5-10, K? Remember, I've got 24 pokes for you, unless you want anything extra from my thread.
    Oh yeah! I saw that a couple of weeks ago and really liked it! Works with a Lum Berry to to heal the confusion right off. KEEP THAT IN MIND AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT IT!!! When we get all the teams currently on the list, I'm gonna start doing "novelty" (probably not the right word) teams like that too.

    Oh, and are you free to trade soon?
    Great to hear. BTW, he'll be part of the Gym here soon too! ;D Isn't it weird that at least most people I've been playing with 2010 rules have really been failing with the allowable UUbers. I wonder why that is?!@
    How did it go with Dr. Cossack? He's a great guy who really helped me practice for Nationals and Worlds Last year.
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