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    Time to BECOME awesome in Korean! :)
    Dude, I'd love to even be able to do that in Japanese. I'm jealous-ish :p
    I haven't gotten the book yet xD!
    It's due to be here 5-9 buisness days from last Thursday :)
    But I've been pretty good at most of the Asian based languages for as long as I can remember, so I'm sure I can pick it up quick. The hardest part is remembering the writing. That's what I'm going to study first so that I can read it without having to have the english letter translation of the word. Makes things simpler I hear.
    YES! I am super excited! Last night, I bought a book to help me learn Korean. :)
    Haha, nah, she's a dream but that's about all. She's gorgeous, an amazing singer, and way out of my league :P
    Yeah, its starting frame is 9, I just checked ^^ I think Cydaquil's is 5, and Chika's is 1.

    But Toto would be better to breed. Adamant SD needs Aqua Jet :P (Well, it doesn't need it, but it's really helpful since it's pretty slow).
    I see xD

    I did find a Jolly seed on frame 9 (Toto's starting frame) so I could use that and just save inside the lab :D But I just realized that Toto needs egg moves :( So I think I'll try for Cyndaquil. And, no thanks, I like having my own things. ;)
    Why are you sorry? :P It's ok xD

    Anyways, yeah, I sorta realized that .-. I still might attempt it after I abuse my two IDs, but it seems so frustrating because you can't verify your seed and you can't at all control the advancements. So, Idk, lol. Thanks for the help, though! :D
    haha, could always call? But that might be a little awkward xD!
    It should, I'll prolly have to get a different provider so I'm not spending $100 per text message xD!
    Seriously? Since when? :P Oh snapppp.

    Nah, I'll still be around but probably no where near as much. I mean, it's Korea after all!
    haha, so I guess you're mean :P

    Probably but I don't want to be mean and be like "I don't want to be friends any more!" >.>

    I can't do soccer again as I need to start getting ready for the Air Force, and finish up my last bit of high school.
    Hahaha, nooooez! It's always the face or nada!

    Yeah, true, but I don't have many friends without it. I have like two, at most. Which they never hang out with me. >.> I invite them to do things all the time, but they are always doing something else at the last minute.

    It's alright, nothing super special.
    roflawl, it's totally my face otherwise it's not a true bopping hammer xD!

    It's alright, I suppose. Love hate thing.
    If I would have went with the public school system they would have made me start High School all over D:! I was already in end of my Junior year and didn't feel like being a 21 year old Senior... >.>

    Aw, I'm sorry<3 It'll be worth it in the end though!
    OW, my face! Why would you hit my face?! xD!

    No, I'm homeschooled. So we start whenever we are given access and pay for the year, so I started in the end of November so it's running into summer time. But I'll get a break once I finish up this year ;D!

    Aw, I'm sorry! At least you're getting to be with friends and stuff! That's good at least!
    Back to school, eh? D:!
    Why would you need to us the bopping hammer of doom?!?!?!?!

    I haven't had a summer, I'm still in school due to starting in December. Luckily though it is my last year, and I'm almost done. About 3 classes left to do.

    How has your's been? What have you been up to?!
    Yuppers, I dare not change my avatar to that of someone else. Sooyoung is mine! xD!

    I kind of have a puppy love for her :P
    Which do you like better the one I have now, or?

    I have like 20 links to avatar's I could use xD!

    I also have like 300-ish pages of SNSD avatars to look through! xD!

    Tiring stuff dude xD! I'm at 71 out of 365.
    Hahah, it's okay neither do I XD!
    That's awesome, see you're better than I!!!

    YUS! Fake out, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Close Combat.

    <333 I got the ball inspiration from you :)!
    Cuz Kingdra is UU, since Politoed is OU with Drizzle no one can use Swift Swim with Drizzle. So in UU rain is not all that present due to having permanent weather makes in OU. So Sniper is the better option as Swift Swim won't help you any at all during UU.

    You don't like my new one?! D:!
    OMG, I thought it would still be there, I can't find the one I was using before!!!!!! Noehhhzzz!
    yeah, BW UU.
    I was running:
    Hitmontop, Celebi, Bisharp, Victini, Kingdra, and Weezing. I switched Bisharp out for a Cune and it seems to be working a lot better. I've won like 6 out of 8 or 9.

    Where as with Sharp I won maybe 4 out of 18? xD!
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