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  • I know! RNGing is time consuming and a lot more skill demanding than cloning so I completely agree there. I also promise to keep your Shaymin in my game - I never trade others' stuff xD
    Well he deleted his trade thread to do private trades - it was up the other day but now it's not, and he's known to trade legit Pokemon. I RNGed my first hex-flawless Pokemon on 4th Gen today - yay!!!!! xD
    Come to think of it, when you say the only legit shiny Mew is Eppie's Mew, I have a question to ask you. I'm RNGing right now to trade with a dude who has a timid hex flawless Shiny Mew that has been emulator RNG abused - it appears on Pokecheck and it checks out as hack free - are there other legit Mws or is Eppie's Mew the only legit one around? :s
    Ooo Emu abuse eh? I might try it one day, after I try RNGing stuff on my DS a bit more xD you know, the most annoying thing about RNG breeding on Gen 4 is that your starting frame changes each save - so you have to check it each time (or at least I have to xD).

    And just the Shaymin and Ditto are fine - I'm free to trade whenever you're ready xD
    Thanks for the reply and the offer! The Shaymin and 4th Gen Ditto are good. If you have a shiny Jirachi with near flawless or good IVs and a shiny flawless Mew, could I ask for a trade of that as well? If you don't have those, just the Shaymin and Ditto. I RNG'd my second near flawless Pokemon on 4th Gen today (via breeding) so I'm very happy with myself right now xD
    It's on the DS lol. I actually lost HeartGold last August lol. As in 2010. I was working on a trade thread to be more organized before I lost it.
    Wow. I also just looked at my threads, and apparently my trade thread and the new one I was working on before I lost HG were both deleted.
    I know, but so far I am just RNG'ing other gen stuff. I do have some BW RNGs tho, like Zekrom, Zoroark, Hydreigon, and Jellicent.
    Yup, just checked the 5th gen RNG thread. It said in large, bold, red, capital letters that I cannot control my Timer0.
    I don't play on an emulator lol. When I RNG my SID/ID I do it on my game. I already RNG'd my Plat's ID like a year ago when I made the file. 5th gen's RNG is easy, but I don't like how it is inconsistent with the Timer0, so I have to hit my spread multiple times until it's what I want it to be. Maybe more info on it has come since I left though.
    I know they were amazing lol. It's just that I wasn't expecting it as the last time I had checked, Excadrill's Uber votes were actually going down, so I hadn't expected it to be banned when I came back. Anyways, so far I have managed to RNG an HP Fire Rotom and a Shiny Bold Uxie and Mesprit since I got back to RNGing.
    You mean Pokemon Online? I got into that recently and was surprised at how many Pokemon got sent to Ubers in the months that I was not really into Pokemon lol. Basically, I was surprised when I saw Thundurus, Excadrill, and Deoxys-S in Ubers since when I last played they were in OU.
    Well I've been well. I recently got back into RNGing after taking a break due to losing my HeartGold and, consequently, most of my RNGs. How are you?
    Thankies! AND OMG, I MISS YOU!
    My email got hacked, so I can't get into it any more. So that's why I didn't email you! D:!
    hahaha, I know the feeling all too well xD!

    Yeah it's been explored already, it's my first time trying it. So I was testing various things xD!

    How to advance the time so that I don't have to wait 30 days for a flippin Trapinch.
    Aw, sad day indeed! I'm trying to keep myself to remember everything by using it whenever I can. If I don't say it to other's, I'll say it in my head :)
    Good luck! Make sure to stay ontop of it!

    Hahahaha, probably, I was doing a Safari Zone abuse for the first time.
    Was testing different things out :)
    xD! It's been forever!
    The book is good, I'm learning quite a bit. Haven't had a whole lot of time to study it just yet, finishing school and all.
    I can pretty much read words/sentences. Understanding them, not just yet. But the ability to see and read the characters quite effectively now :)

    I'm doing well, kind tired. Wish I didn't have school tomorrow but good none the less. :)
    How are you doing?

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