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  • What suburb of chicago?I usually don't see people from illinois on smogon. I live in elgin.
    i'm at work now, i'll probably be home some time after 6:30 (EST). hope to see you then. :)
    hey man, lets do our SBP 14 soon. tonight maybe? also, you might want to be careful with the "mini-modding" in SQSA...i've gotten infractions for that in the past. lame i know. but it's the way of the world i suppose. -.-
    Hey, I can trade now if you'd like. :)

    I shall go online, and thanks much for offering a clone of the Clefable back! ^_^
    I know I know it's physically imposible to load my game in three seconds. I'm going to resynch everything and try again in the morning. Wish me luck. :)
    I agree with Despotar your videos were a great help, but I'm having some trouble with my calibration. I get a time of 3 seconds consistently. :/
    Aside from TEST101, riddlinkid also has a flawless Timid Manaphy. Sorry, I don't know anyone with a good HP Electric one.

    As for the Bold Suicune, the following have rights to Kazo's Shiny Bold HP Electric Suicune

    ● Suicune/Bold: Akiratron
    ● Suicune/Bold: Tanaka
    ● Suicune/Bold: FearthePika
    ● Suicune/Bold: PikachuRulez
    ● Suicune/Bold: ezequiel6566
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