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  • Sorry that I forgot about the 6pm schedule. I have dinner really soon so will you be available at like 8pm?
    Looks like the 2 of you are having trouble getting your match in. Let us know what times Shinkou can expect to find you on PO or on IM or IRC if possible.
    i think it was supposed to end yesterday (but the thread didnt go up), i can still help you out though on friday.
    You should be able to contact me through my MSN account (
    I usually leave it open when I'm awake, you shouldnt have much trouble finding me
    I can battle whenever, just find me on irc when youre available (wednesdays are the best for me)
    I'm actually unavailable the 13th and the 14th (travel) so is it possible to fit something into your schedule earlier? If not I can try really early on the 13th or 14th. EST also, but PST on the 14th.
    i often times am not on the forums due to lag, so if you cant find me on the forums ill be the smogon server as beluga at 8.
    sorry about not showing up, some unexpected things came up. i can battle tomorrow if you like.
    Umm...I think it looks about right. The last turn should have pictures though, FNT next to Mamoswine, and technically Infernape at like 3% about to faint depending on when LO recoil kicks in. Other than that I think its fine.
    Mamoswine, Gallade, and Dragonite were Life Orb. Suicune and Celebi were Leftovers. Heatran was Chople Berry.
    i would asume introducing them when they come. i just thought it'd seem like a really unique warstory to have it unfold for each player. and's an old battle and the team changed.

    but..jolt/azelf/gon were choiced..though you thought jolt was life orbed since you weren't looking at the bar. heatran was life orbed, but it died right away so that doesn't matter. infernape was life orbed. and starmie orbed. that team was a tad too offensive, wasn't it? and i'll start my half in a little bit. i'm going to bed now. most likely tomorrow/monday.

    what about yours?
    Spoiler tags seems like a good idea. Sprites and percentages after each turn as well. As for leftovers/life orb, do we want to introduce it then take it out, or just list at the start of the battle. Although since we are doing spoiler tags introducing then taking it out probably makes more sense.

    Extending from that, which of your pokes have Life Orb / Leftovers? Since Pokemon Online logs do not display recoil from Life Orb or healing from Leftovers in the log.
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