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  • You have a credit section, I thought you did credits. So like, I trade you the crobat now. And then if you add something later on that I like I can then trade for it
    Thats a shame. :/

    Nature: Bold
    Moveset: Thunderbolt Roost, Heat Wave, Hp Grass.

    ^ This?
    Hack checks aren't very reliable anymore. It's just best not to trade anything if you don't know exactly where it came from
    Nope, but according to a friend who entered those stats in Shoddy, it's impossible to have those IVs on Celebi.
    Nature: Bold
    Ivs: 27/5/30/31/28/29
    Evs: 252hp/252def/4spatk
    Moveset:Psychic, Twave,Recover,Leech Seed

    ^ That?
    Crobat - #169 (Jolly): 31 / 31 / 26 / 9 / 28 / 31

    Ev's 104 HP, 152 Attack, 252 speed.
    Egg move: Brave bird
    Well, FIRSTLY, don't JUST go after looks. She may look pretty NOW, but when you get older, (and realize what a terrible nag she is) you'll realize that doesn't matter much. :P Find somebody who respects you, who actually wants to be with you, who you can talk to, and that can put up with your "quirks". Not just somebody's who's hot. 50% of marraiges end in divorce these days because people get married for all the wrong reasons (physical attraction ALONE).
    That would be really cool. So, who you rooting for? Saints or Colts?! xD
    Had I gone to a larger school I probably would have. My ENTIRE Highschool only had...190 people tops. My graduating class had only 26 people TOTAL. Not really enough for a footbal team there. :/ We had a really big marching band though (for the size of our school). At one point it had 97 people in it (over half our highschool).
    Oh! Ha! No. Just big boned. No Seriously. 5'10 and 240. Not chubby though. Big Shoulders, arms, legs (man that sounds weird :P). Nobody ever picked a fight with me back in HS! xD

    Why would you dude?! You're friggin 13! xD RELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!

    And thank you so VERY much for your excelent work! :D
    COOL! Best of luck doing it too! :D Remember, anything with the OT "mattJ" is fully redistributable! ;)
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