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  • Yeah. The rest of my team is really fast, but weak, so he counters that well. Otherwise TR would ruin me. x_x

    Anyway, finally finished battle...28? so now I'll go put you in my pal pad and see you right on with those 2 pokes you want! :D
    Almost there. FRIGGIN porygon Z used Trick room and almost screwed me over. Thankfully, I've got an excelent TR counter on my team Choice Banded, Brave, Technician, 0spd Scizor. Kicked they buttz. :P
    That's a great goal! Running my own business isn't for me though. I (personally) like to be able to clock out at 3:30PM and completely forget about work till Monday morning! xD
    Oh, I've got an AR, but I haven't been able to find an "instant BP" code for the japanese versions of HG/SS yet. :/ I've got several other useful codes for HG/SS though.
    Oh, I'm a professional pokemon player. It pays all my bills.


    Nah, I work in a refridgerator factory reparing refridgerators (big huge commercial fridges, for like restaurants and stuff). My wife is a teller at the local Bank of America in town. My daughter's a pre-schooler xP
    The only thing AT ALL that sucks about Heart Gold/ Soul Silver is that you have to pay for all your Move Tutor Moves with Battle Points from the battle tower. In Platinum, you payed for them with different colored Shards, which was nice, cuz if I needed more shards, I could just give one to a poke in my box, and clone it. Unfortunately, the only way to get BP so far in HG/SS is to battle, battle, battle... T_T

    Well, I'm playing my Japanese Heart Gold game, and am right in the middle of one of those sets of seven battles in the battle tower, and because it's all in japanese, I don't know how to exit the battle without quitting, and therefore screwing up my winning streak. Could you give me a few minutes to beat the last battle? :x
    Ha! Sure I do. She's 2. :)

    Tell me your Friend Code, and I'll see you right on with both those pokes you want, and put you down on my front page for 20 credits (that's 2 pokes in my shop).
    i dont have a good zam, so could you lv abra up until it evolves to kadabra, tell me you want me to head online.
    Gonna go watch a bit of a movie with my daughter. I'll come back to check back shortly. :)
    WHOOPS! Just noticed this! Of course! Wonderful! Please use this FC: Pearl (Main Trading)-0431 8637 7999

    1) Which FC for you?
    2) You get 4 pokes from my thread plus a copy of the TTar (if you haven't already cloned it yourself) for whipping up this great TTar for me. Do you want any specific pokes from my thread right now, or do you just want credits till after I update my thread (it reeeeeeeeally needs updating, I'll get it done this weekend.)

    Just let me know and we can trade. :)
    ok, mind telling me what other pokes youve got to trade, i found in impish swampert in one of my boxes that i didnt know about :p
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