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  • Saints are probably going to win, but I would like to colts to win. I don't think the Colts defense can prevent the saints from scoring a lot.
    Ha! That was a great game! Best of luck to you on the breeding. If you keep churning out great pokes like that, you'll be king of wifi from the start dude! Just let me know when you get your wifi and we'll trade, and I'll see whatever other pokes you have then. Who knows, I'll probably take several of yours when that time comes around anyway! xD

    Off to take a nap now... sleeeepysleeepy... -_-....zzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzz
    I want to trade with you ;) Just stick around. Even I was new, and in the same position a matter of months ago.
    Well, honestly nah. Not that it's a bad poke at all. It would RAPE in singles, but being more of a doubles person myself, Surfing Modest/Timid Kingdra fits my playstyle better. HOWEVER, get yourself a trade thread and slap that thing up there! I KNOW that people around here are going to want that!!!
    yeah i can see that but wifi is just simply better for me its my nature and ive been doing it longer know what i mean
    I know. I about to "TRY" ( note the word try lawlz) to RNG a Gengar. I have good parents so it shouldnt be too hard.
    Lemme check real quick. I'm 100% cool with you doing it for me, but I gotta warn you, I'm preeeeety picky on IVs. Straight 31s on the IVs that matter, 29s and up on the others, but the one that doesn't matter can be 0 for all I care. Thats why I asked if you could RNG. People DO get those IVs without RNG, but it sometimes takes a craaaaaazy amount of time...
    That might be okay. Did you read my whole section about my wants list? Oh, and it looks like you're fairly new here. How do you breed? Do you RNG?
    lol i was a noob back then too i really got into pokemon trading but now getting into battling so yeah I dont mind shoddy but I have to play on wifi its just grown into me
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