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  • I didn't expect a Metagross to stay in on a Swampert, really. And considering the number of Ground immunities you had it was a good decision. lol yeah "gimmicks" have got me to round 3 of the Smogon tourney. XD
    Ahaha what are the odds of us both using SubTran lol (although mine didn't have Toxic). Hm it's a very different team, nice.
    Whenever really, I could do it today or I could do it tomorrow or anything. lol well maybe they're just guesses?
    ahhh...its not like your specific oponent would see it.... I don't get why people put so much work on this...they do extensive researches about oponents.
    I know, still, I really think it's that important.... They might make counter teams or somethings, but I really don't care much...there are no prizes or anything, getting to round 2-3 is enough for me xD
    anyway, thanks for telling me that....just hope the next battle isn't against you...
    also, the RMT is about my usual team, and this round just apeared to have what my team have. xD
    I should be able to do that, yeah. I pretty much free whenever as long as it's not in the morning for me, so any time during the week should be fine.
    Ok so that's your Sunday right? Hmm Monday 7am is a touch too early for me, I usually wake up at around 12. Will you be able to do it at around 8-9pm your time?

    (also I assume GMT-5 is EST)
    I'm afraid I'll have to decline that request. Your team is almost identical to your previous team, so giving it a rate fells redundant, I'm sorry.
    sure i haveta go right now, but tomorrow or maybe tonight if i decide to, ill check it out. im sure i could find one thing to help you with.
    Alright I've rated it.

    Good luck with that team, if you need any other help with your team just leave a comment on my channel.
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