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  • Since it doesn't look like we're gonna catch each other this wekkend, wanna try for next to play?

    My team is done btw.
    oh sorry, i didn't remember that was you. i don't keep track of the leaderboard and really don't care about it though. i use that account for everything, whether it's testing a serious team for a tournament or if im just fucking around with random stuff.
    im sorry, but you're going to have to be a tad more specific, as I'm involved with a lot of things on site, that is if you're even referring to something smogon related...
    Sorry that I haven't responded. Right after we talked on Shoddy, I lost power due to a snowstorm for almost a full day. I'm beginning to ladder as we speak, I'll watch out for these things you've mentioned. I have a feeling I'll love the Jirachi. :)
    Oh, I'm 1290 CRE normally. I'm a little lower right now (1250?), but this is because I've been messing around with teams.
    i'm notesalot, same as here. hmmm, i've never been a fan of specs, but let's talk. I'm on right now
    sure, the only time I'm guaranteed to be on is anytime after 11:00pm EST. If i'm on, i'm always on #pokedraft.

    As for the RMT, we can already formulate some base ideas. I'd like to use Toxic Spikes somewhere, and if possible I'd like to experiment with TormentTran.
    Sure! I don't have a lot of experience with Stall, but I like the Bulky offense style. I will be very busy this Thursday through Saturday, but I can test whatever we think up of extensively next week.
    Lol. This aint Marriland. 'Tis the quality of the post that counts, not the quantity. Even members that have little posts can have some meat on them! It kinda shows that a new member isn't typically stupid. <33
    Congrats on your TR Workshop Tutor assignment! We're on the same boat now!
    IllMinded was too bland. Misa Campo really brought out the inner me. And because I think she's the hottest girl ever!
    Hahahahah jup! I'm from marriland! Light Guard on Marriland. Unfortunately I'm banned from there now for spamming, but don't join it. It's not as good a competitive site as it once was. Smogon is definitely better. If you want to become a better battler, stick to Smogon. Take it from a guy who's been on Marriland for 3 years. Haha.
    You mean prestiged? lolwut. I don't think so. Yeah I actually thought the same about my team, it's the best OU team I've made tbh.
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