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  • hehe i redid it down to one layer and made it transparent i have to to make the file Jpeg Anyway do you use normal or the special brushes for the background ans my backgrounds normally suck.
    ttp:// theres the buneary im trying to design a background How do i do that again? Help!
    A whole new world is a great song xD Go Disney! I'm recording my song tonight, a tad too low for me though :(
    Well andrea requested it, I can see it coming up (since it's a cool idea). And uh, I just asked you because you're really cool and have a beautiful voice. I'd only have to come in and ruin it a couple of times 8)

    As for the song choice, I literally have no idea of anything from that period. So I went on Wikipedia and looked some stuff up, the name "Babyface" caught my eye, I youtubed his most famous song and it sounded ok, and here we are! What are you doing? I'll check the thread, I remember you posting.
    Ahahaha Horndrill11's Pokémon card of you :3 So right <3

    btw if there is a duet round in DM's Karaoke do you fancy teaming up if we get the choice? If you'd like to set your sights higher the that's fine too :P
    Hey Bucky, thanks for posting that brush set and the link to devart. It has been a long while since I seriously thought to try to improve my own art skills (ie. I've turned my back on digital art for a long while), but that guys's technique and work are inspiring. So, thanks! :D
    ideally, you should keep this basic frame but adda n attack that can be resulted in you being confused.
    I just realised i wanted to send what i had for the MAC a while back but never finished, due to not getting lining the way i wanted it. Figured i could share what i had so far atleast :P

    that was the point i was at if im not mistaken (old prt scrn), I just get so stuck at lining all the time its starting to get anoying, any tips ;_;?
    I might start one. :) Thanks for your compliments on my submission. I was definitely going for the "aww" factor, and it sounds like I succeeded! :D
    You'll have to find a replacement for me this month, I've been overrun :(
    Hopefully I'll be able to judge next month though!
    I'm sorry, i had most of them done, but I didnt save and I lost all that I've done. I have to redo the judging so I'll have it done soon kay?
    I have my scores decided on, but I'm still working on critique... I'm about halfway through
    Don't worry, I'll have it done soon :)
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