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  • hmh... im sort of hoping your female now, otherwise this'd be quite weird. Thanks nevertheless :) I'd like a hug
    Wow, that is pretty awesome, im just trying to learn to draw with my tablet and im mostly having troubles with the lining. I usually just scribble stuff on a corner of a piece of paper when I draw something. Or do random doodles in photoshop but its far from as spectacular as what you did. thats some serious talent, dont waste it :o
    Just wondering: are those realistic ones done with pencil and paper? I'm really quite curious as to how the heck youve crammed in all the detail :o
    Tell me when you do :D it is really amazing stuff you did there. I love the amount of detail in those drawings
    That's not something I can answer, as everyone's definition of hacking is different. What I can tell you, though, is that there will be no difference in any of the pokemon's data between one you use the AR code for and one that you actually get from the event.
    I'm sorry, do I know you? Wait... watermelon stains in your teeth? ...BUCKY!!! O:
    DAMN IT. >___O My blasted internet stalled me to death with lag. >_________<+

    *sigh* Alright, now what was that favor you wanted? Unless it was, as I suspect, something to do with taking my turn... =____=
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