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  • i'm pretty good. i have blisters on my feet from walking around so much yesterday though :(
    Yeah I know :P, although a large part of the votes is from randoms aswell. Nevertheless, if it were to be judged on quality, you shouldve been in the top 5 at least ;) (and im not exagerating this... really, it was good!)

    Also, time to get drawing once more... want to get this finished ^_^
    Now i didnt see that coming >> you were one of the better candidates :s. I think there's something fishy about these votes... hmm... requires investigation...
    I actually thought i voted... guess i didnt, but dont worry, you were one one of the best, so you have my vote ^_^
    Haha, thanks, you're nice. I resigned because I didn't agree with the way the other hosts wanted me to proceed... The contest can continue the way they want it to now, and I just wanted to help anyway, so it's alright.
    yeah, its kinda annoying the crap outof me too. Also, my MAC entry sort of looks like an arrogant dinosaur atm, but i like it :) ill try to pull this one trough :'D
    Well, i actually have a wip for the MAC, just hoping to get it finished :'). Also, drowning in (school)work...

    how bout you?
    hmh, ill try to slap up something for the art contest, I tried a quick sketch, but im not sure as to what to do. Got an idea tough, hope it works out ^^
    Yeah, I'm usually just too afraid to fuck up the great idea I just had :|. Got 2 of those now that Ive just benched because itw asnt turning out the way I wanted ot to lol.

    Also, how should I pay in exchange, more compliments :p?
    oh, I ment something with that . sorry for the confusion :P

    Also, the art stuff would be pretty cool ^^. I usually wanna do some important things and have these great idaes and I end up not finishing them because I hit a brick wall during work, so that'd be quite helpfull :P

    Anyways, if you still use irc, where can I find you? Im idling on quite a lot of smogon related channels, so I suppose you can find me there.
    hah, that'd be a bit much. Hmm... do you use irc? I can compliment you there :'). Or sth like msn, but that is a bit spammy to ask over wall texts i suppose...

    Also, cna you give me some art lessons in exchange ^^?
    well, that hug is always welcome then ^^

    just, you never know with the internet, but your actually quite pretty, so I cant say no to that ;)
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