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    Regarding VGC IRL

    It's been a long time since I've posted on Smogon. I graduated highschool. I got a bachelors degree. I've made a start in my career. But I have never stopped loving Pokémon. I am now the inheritor and owner of a local Pokémon organization based in Anchorage, Alaska. It's not very big, but the...
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    CAP Project Status

    I think that revising the Gen. 4 CAP pokemon to the new generation is a bit pointless. They were made for to fill a specific role in a metagame that is now overshadowed by the fifth generation. I don't see any reason to stop using them in the new metagame, if only for fun. Moves and abilities...
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    Considering Dragon Tail has negative priority, HP Ice could have some uses against Dragon Types with the possibility of OHKOing after enough Leaf Storms. HP Fire might have some real good use too with all of the Bug/Steels roaming around nowadays.
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    Unfortunately, great mixed offensive stats and ability are crippled by Genosect's lack of physical move pool. I came up with this set as a sort of special variant Agilicross set. Genosect@ Aim Rock Nature: +Speed/+Special Attack nature -Nitro Charge -Bug Buzz -Thunderbolt/Thunder -Explosion...
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    Rotom Forms

    No, Aiming Rock ruined your spin blockers forever.
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    The Future of Competitive Battling (UPDATED, PLEASE READ)

    Considering that every pokemon has been given new toys to play with in light of the Dream World, I can safely say that this seems to be the most promising generation for the metagame. How it will evolve from this point on is really a complete mystery, but I've got a hunch that weather teams will...
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    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Swim Goggles are a held item that increase Speed and Accuracy of Water type pokemon when held. If held by a pokemon of another type, though, they fall asleep. The only pokemon that have been confirmed with new abilities are the ones from Dream World and a special download code on a new TCG...
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    Base Stats of New Pokemon

    Ainto Has the highest Speed stat of any Bug/Steel type, as well as a usable Attack stat. It'll die from almost any Special attack it doesn't resist, though, so move pool will be the deciding factor, like Chateau said.
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    Base Stats of New Pokemon

    Being locked into Outrage is its main effect, while the confusion is a secondary effect, I believe?
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    Base Stats of New Pokemon

    I think ScarfOno will have fun with Outrage going off of a legendary worthy Attack stat. DD will probably be better, but still looks like it'll punch holes in anything not prepared.
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    Monthly Art Contest 5!

    I agree, I think that if you have the time, Shinxe, you should make a picture. :3 @Bucky: Why thank you!
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    Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Been a while since my last update, but I've been juggling a lot of stuff when it comes to school, sports, drawing, and family matters. At least I don't get bored too easily! Grinding, grinding, grinding, etc, etc, etc, and now it's off to Hearthome for the second gym badge and one step closer...
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    Challenge The Scramble Challange

    I guess I messed up there, then x3 Well, for my mistake I guess that it can be done in said way instead. I'll leave that up to the one taking the challenge to decide.
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    Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Thanks! And almost. You must solo each and every of those pokemon until you reach the gym specified in the nature given. So it's quite possible you'll have to solo all of them!
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    The Dogmatic Philosophy of "Playing to Win".

    Congratulations, you just wrote the equivalent of a small essay without even making a point. You say that it's extremist competitive players who "ruin the game for the rest of them", but then you say that it's both the casual and competitive community's fault? Of course extremists make it less...