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  • I don't see why it would be a problem to have that as a tutor. But anyways, have you ever tried writing pieces? What's your thing? Stories or poetry or what?
    Very interesting. I see you seem to have a passion for words. I prefer other languages, because there are just so many more specific ways to describe one thing. Each word, getting more specific. Like what is a lie? It's not just "not" telling the truth, it can be so much more. As the last dozen or so words you have listed have shown lol. It's a shame you've got no more name changing opportunities. With all the words your vocabulary seems to have, it is a bit anti-climactic to settle for CaptKirby, lol ^^.
    You have some great words there. Fantastic in latin, actually. Why not change your name to one of those? The reason I like veritas is because that's what I believe in, I don't mind a lack of variety.
    point well taken :) you have deception, fraud, lie, manipulate even. But with truth, you are quite limited. I just like the word personally, Might change my name to something for interesting in the future, but this is cool for now
    If you despise them then why even confront me about this? You are a third-party and shouldnt really be coppin my motives unless you think you are doing some justice by catching me as a "creeper, pedophile, or w/e." or protect me from these girls that you despise (nah). You could just want to attack my character for all I know

    Lol, so I cant even be my own person in the internet? Internet doesnt come close to shit in real life, but I cant even do shit I do in real life on the internet and just fuck around or talk to some random stranger w/o anyone judging me (well, I guess I can't avoid that in a public wall)?

    All in all, I was BORED and so I TROLLED. This shit isn't serious. Smogon FOR ME has just been stagnant shit about Pokemon this, Pokemon that, so I had a little 20 minute fun of my own that is now blowing out of proportion. That Lexi/Yeti confrontation was long enough that it doesn't even matter anymore, I have not thought of it until you brought it up.
    why so? Fyi right now, I don't really care right now lol. I was a little amazed to find out that there are girls out of there in Smogon that are actually are active. Most of the people I have gotten to know is through Pokemon battling and I don't want to talk to a bunch of guys all the time about Pokemon (not in the mood these days to talk bout PKM). Im tired of talking bout the same shit over and over again, but I still come on Smogon to talk to a select few about other things.

    Just lighten up guys, I was just in that mood to talk to girls whom in my Smogon experience I have rarely ever met outside of Jumpluff. As of now, I don't really care about w/e. I made myself look like a idiot or creeper, so I'm ditching that approach towards females and just get to know them whenever by chance I get to see them.

    To sum it all up, I was bored of my stagnant activity, so I trolled and see wherever it takes me
    please help me i want to digivolve my garurumon into weregarurumon but my crest wont activate

    i need your help so i can harness the power of the crest of friendship
    lol. I wonder how many friend requests you reject every I wonder how many friend requests you reject every day.
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