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  • Hey I'm going up for a Poké Tournament and was wondering if you could please CMT me for these pokes:

    Dragon Dance
    Available: Ev'd and Ut

    Adamant-Huge Power
    Ev's: 232hp/252Atk/12Def/12SpD
    Aqua Jet
    Ice Punch
    Available: Ev'd and ut

    Calm-Magnet Pull
    Ev's: 252Hp/96Def/162SpD
    HP Fire 70
    Available: Ev'd and Ut
    Hey Charzaro,
    Do you think you could RNG me a modest HP Ground Cress? I dont have much to offer, but i do have my 2011 regionals and nationals teams.
    Hey I saw that you RNG and I wanted to know do you have a Intimidate Hitmontop and Modest Chandelure still??
    hey charzaro i need cotton guard banette please dream world please for october regionals
    Hey, I am going to the October VGCs, and need the following Pokemon from your thread.

    Adamant-Skill Link
    Evs: 8hp/252Atk/248Spe
    Location: Abyssal Ruins

    Ev's: 6hp/252SpA//252Spe
    Location: Petalburg City

    hey charzaro i changed my mind instead of heatran can you trade me a cubone brave lightingrod rng
    Hi charzaro how are you i need a rng heatran for my team with timid dark pulse ,I have some rng pokes as well to trade
    Hey Charzaro! Thanks again for the Heatran you sent me! It was put to good use at VGC. :) The final moveset came out to be Taunt / Substitute / Heatwave / Dark Pulse.
    Think we could trade tonight?
    Also I'm looking for a Shuca berry for gen V, and I was wondering if you had one.
    Sorry, I've been really busy the last two days so I didn't have time to trade at all =/
    Gen 4 is fine too.
    Hmm I won't be home tomorrow, I'll be back on Tuesday. I may be able to trade though, I'll just need to play with the wifi settings =P
    if you look closely you'll see a stunfisk on the top left corner
    Whenever you are ready to trade, please pm me. I'll be around often, so whenever you can we can trade.
    Actually I'd rather have Trapinch get it as an egg move... if DD became a tutor move then lots of Pokemon would get it and that would create a bunch of new annoying sweepers .-.
    Flygon is one of the few Pokemon that looks great shiny and non shiny! I just wish it had a better stat spread and got Dragon Dance.
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