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  • hey hey, hope youre doing okay in the spring friendly, ive just been busy with uploading a bunch of vids :D

    anyways I do hope to speak with you soon though, it's been too long ^_^
    dont be sorry ^^
    I figured as much that you were busy with finals and whatnot, even though I miss talking to you too. Just focus on what you need to do, but I'm glad you want to talk to me, I'm flattered :3. Dont worry about me though I'll be patient and wait for you to come online, okay, but do what you have to do :D
    Yeah I am I'm sorry I've been busy today ;_;

    I will send them soon though
    Hi, we traded a while back, was just wondering if you would be interested in trading your DW Poliwag and Bagon? I have a few DW Pokes and a couple of egg move pokes that you might be interested in.
    Well, I can offer a elemental punches and bullet punch jolly machop, a brave nature entei from 4th gen, close combat/ crunch teddiursa, and wish eevee. So please PM me when you can trade me with me for them and tell me when you can.
    Sounds good. I'll think of a really exceptional BP for you and get back to you later. :)
    Oh, actually I can prolly file trade. Just let me shift Shaymin from 4th gen and I can email you the files

    Want any tutor moves before I do that?
    I wasn't trying to be rude. I was actually trying to be considerate. If you traded me a junk pokemon we'd only have to trade once, but if I gave you something we'd obviously have to do more than one trade.
    Okay sweet xD
    WOuld you rather do a file trade? I'm down with whatever, but trading over wifi is preferred

    Okay, I'll do that. Do you want Shay in 5th gen?
    hehe, you're now one of the few people that actually have my personal email XD Ill have both pokemon ready for you to trade on thursday :D
    Hey no problem :) glad you got those done :)
    also the .pkmn files are enough in themselves, unless you want to trade them over to me directly of course.
    also 2pm a good time for you to trade?
    and do you want to take up more pokemon?
    also nicknames on minun and glameow if you want them? :P
    Sorry, I got the Scrafty from a neighbor. But if you're still interested in the shiny Butterfree, can you trade over a Timid Azelf or a Timid Shiny Zoroark?
    I can trade. But I'm going on vacation tomorrow. I'll VM you to set up a time when I get back thanks!
    The nature can be any, I'm planning to breed the Scrafty with my own for egg moves. About IV's I can work with anything. I have a shiny Butterfree, Kricketune, and Golurk.
    Also offering an Adamant or Jolly Zekrom. I have both. I can get you some other things, but don't expect too much. Sorry. I just need the Scrafty for my first OU match.
    also before I forget (silly me) do you want nicknames on both of them? let me know :P
    also it seems like I missed you on irc, sorry for that :(
    ah, ill get them both ready for you then :)
    also dont worry about the EV training one bit, sometimes life can get a bit hectic I suppose, and if there's anything I can do to help you out, I'd gladly do it. Just get back into a more constant routine and I'll already be happy for you :)
    Anyways I should be on irc for a while still so if you want to talk you know where to find me I suppose :)
    also should you by any miraculous chance be finished with EV training today, I should be available at 2pm your time tomorrow (yeah DST yadaa yadaa ;P)
    but yeah, dont feel forced to finish them up before that, I wouldnt want to burden you with it :P

    anyways, I do hope we get to talk soon again ^^ :D
    no worries, you can EV those whenever :) glad to see you broke the 1700 mark :) I'm so happy for you :D
    also yeah I had fun, but I did miss you :P so I do hope I get to talk to you soon :)
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