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  • Guess who's back ;) :P
    anyways, I hope you managed to do well during the last day of he wifi tournament :)
    also nice pikachu, I might want that eventually :P
    Yeah I played a few smogon players myself, nice to see I actually won against one :x
    Oh I see, I'm sorry, but I don't remember exactly(I have a faint idea of which battle though) which battle :|

    Well anyway gg I guess xD
    RE: Your Disconnecting Noob Problem.
    I know noobs that disconnect can be a pain in the butt, however, you don't even know the worst of it. One day I was battling and I had to battle a guy from Japan (who'dve thought) and he had over 5000 wins!!! So I went in the battle and he sent out a Zapdos against my Cloyster. He missed his thunder, I got up a shell smash, AND HE QUIT!! After 1 turn he quit!! I can honestly say that was the shortest battle I've ever had. Then later I had a battle on a live chat, and I went for a winning Bullet Punch (a swords danced Scizor against a 1/16 HP Clefable) and he disconnected!! Then on the live chat he said his Internet stopped working because of a storm, yet he was still able to talk to me!! Like what the heck!!
    Ouch. I guess we share the pain, then e.e SO frustrating. I hate it that the super asian guys with 1700+ wins crush you, and then all the rest disconnect at least 50% of the time...
    It seems that switching the router on and off by unplugging the power source did the trick (: It really WAS a pain though, hope it never happens to you.
    no its not identical, my pikachu comes from a legit WC while the other one doesn't and its not redis so you should delete it.
    my mistake the first one i sent you its not mine, i ev trained mine but i haven't updated my thread in a while.
    sent again, yeah i know its not in my thread because its not mine. i decided its going to be fully redis so you can put it your thread if you want.
    i just realized i sent you the wrong pikachu, that one is not mine. i'll send it again.
    DAMN! I could finally finish a match, not sure if the problem was fixed or it just ended quickly, but that b*tch disconnected! Bunch of sore losers e.e
    Nope, singles still won't work... I had to delete you from pad pal, let's see what happens. I'll add you later again... sorry ):
    nope... I managed to finish (and win!) a rotation battle, let's see if that fixes singles or what..
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