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  • ah, then I wish you good luck, what are you missing still if I may ask? I could get some stuff ready for you as well you know, saves you a bit of hassle ^^ also how does 3pm your time sound tomorrow?
    no worries though :D as I said I'd love to talk to you again soon, basically because next week ill be on holiday from monday till friday or so, so no internets for me then :D, just a headsup to you as well I suppose :)
    oh I'm at work now, so no availability to trade now I'm afraid :) Actually I wanted to give you 2 pokemon, with items attached, but yeah id love to talk to you soon again as well. maybe later today (or tomorrow in your case)?
    I gave you a Carbos because 99% of pokemon have at least some speed evs, hope you like it!
    Ouch I forgot about the happy face xD Now I feel bad (? Thanks a lot! n.n
    Hey I already got a duosion, so no need for solosis (: I'll just trade cyndaquil for stunky then. What vitamin (or any other item) would you like her to hold?
    When can you next trade? I have something I want you to have, just because I can :D
    It's not to much but hey, it's the thought that counts ^^
    That's too bad ): Oh and disregard my PM, it didn't send at the right time
    Out of those, I only have a cottonee and dunsparce at hand. I could breed a sandshrew or a spheal if you wanted. And sure, I don't have any extra vitamins, but I sure have lots of money to buy them! Tell me what you want and I'll trade both cyndaquil and the one you choose (:
    I know, you said that before. But..! I don't know, I HAVE to give you something! I just owe you too many favors now :P I know you just like cute pogeymans, but any one in particular (bar minun)? I might have it.
    LOL you're a life savior xD. But what can I give you for it? After all I still need reuniclus xD
    anyways, I hope youll have a great weekend. I might just have like 2 extra gifts for you that you are missing which I think you might appreciate :D
    Awesome... now that I got the full egg moveset, all I get are females...
    Great n.n Let me see if I can breed a better parent to continue the "Scraggy Dinasty" and then I'll breed you a cyndaquil. Can you wait about 20 minutes or something?
    Wow, you're really kind :3 No thanks, I just don't want you to do any extra work, just get one you don't need and send it. Also I'm not sure what moveset I want on it yet. If you happen to have more than one, could you send over the one with the worst speed IV possible? More likely than not I'll use it for a TR team.
    LOL you approve xD. Well the first scraggy is female so good thing I came up with that plan :P Maybe if you have any member of the solosis line it'd help a lot, but otherwise nothing special, and keep the Espeon, I got it from a trade anyway xD I thought it had DW ability but wasn't the case. Also since you gave me the scraggy for free I won't ask anything important in turn for the cynda :)
    you can hatch those too, but i'll let you know what location. poliwag is shiny, right?
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