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  • Where did I personally attack you? I called your argument stupid.

    If you're offended, sorry(?), but don't give me stupid reasons like "i dunno the dev who has no control over the server rules what so ever and is actually a reasonable guy willing to help...he isn't bright enough and I don't like him so let's just not move forward and just be unproductive".

    The only reasonable word to describe that reasoning is "stupid". Illogical probably works too, but....

    You just have no idea what you're talking about. You have no idea what kind of guy coyotte is. Use the simulator. Read the forums. Look how active and useful he is. As you said: "you could pretty easily research or look up to verify." You're choosing to ignore this and let politics cloud your judgment. That's why we repeat our mistakes. Politics.
    I'm not going to bother debating accuracies (I mean just look at the errors with the items, recylce, Substitute+Berry, etc issues with Shoddy, to be honest) because frankly, beyond a certain point, it's irrelevant if they are both accurate (PL and PO are both accurate).

    All your doing is saying my assumptions are false (which is debatable at best, but I digress) with more of your assumptions. You have not posted one thing relevant to the topic. Why are we not using a Gen 5 simulator with no alternative? As it stands you have no arguments except for various personal attacks on someone you have no idea about except for your very uninformed and misguided speculation. Feel free to actually address the actual topic since you conveniently missed it.
    Ahahahahaahaha. You're questioning his intelligence? Really? He's made arguably the best simulator, accuracy- and inferface-wise. I don't think you can be not "bright" and write a simulator of this caliber.

    Additionally he had many "apparent" reasons for not wanting people to release 5th Gen. Firstly, it wasn't supposed to be released to the public until information was confirmed and most of the bugs (like the client fucking with the Gen 3 calcs) were caught and fixed. Second, he didn't have the client itself actually ready to be merged with his server. This was a completely different client.

    The problem with resisting Shoddy in fact still applies here. We do not have a working Gen 5 simulator. In fact, we won't for a very long time if SB2 (the myth) was any indication of the time it would take to add Gen 5 into PokeLab.
    That isn't but the fact that you're basing your decision on your assumptions of what kind of guy he is, is a political reason. "Look what kind of guy he is...let's not use his simulator!" That's the essentially as close to political reasoning as it gets, to be honest. It's sickening that some people are considering basing our decision on hunches and politics instead of the quality and content of his simulator. Smogon likes to play the "make the same mistakes over and over again for the same reasons" game, hopefully we can avoid it this time.
    Do you see a problem with current experienced and well-versed (in the metagame) battlers helping with how Smogon runs things? I think those aspects of a user are more important than how rude they are or how they troll.

    Tangerine would agree with you, though.
    Lol yeah.

    I'm Puerto Rican so bare with me a bit!. Sometimes i get things mix'd up...
    If you believe you have a serious problem with those users, bring it up in the thread. Honestly considering how long ago that was and the strides both have made since then I don't think it is a big deal. Remember, this is for PR access, not a badge. The focus should be on competitive experience unless you believe there is a serious problem which will somehow prevent them from adding their knowledge to the debate. I do not think the issue you raised will prevent that at all.
    hey. I'd love to help synthesize a workable system for making the new metagame stable. After our last convo, I have decided it's all semantics as to where we start, so I'd concede that it's fine to start off with minimal bans (but at one point obvious is obvious and arceus can GTFO).

    I'm concerned with 2 things:
    -the process
    -as the metagame changes (ie rapid bans), it might be hard to keep up with it fluctating based on useage stats; as one thing gets banned 3 other things might become broken.

    How can I help?
    the new MSN is being a fuck, AGAIN. All I can do is send you an email- did you add me as well?
    hah glad you posted. I think you need to consider that post I made, it's a great point.

    Also I'm glad you pointed out the critical difference between bukkake and facials; I typed in kitten bukkake but (other than my personal webpage) all I could find was this facial :(.

    I have a terrible name change planned for when I get bored of this lol
    I do hang out on IRC, just taht I'm more active at odd Western hours due to my timzezone(like, 4 AM or something, or around American breakfast time).
    wait chris you referenced the stranger in a post

    do you live near me %_%
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