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  • Just one question. From the "Preventing speed creep" thread and I quote:"A significant majority of players also suck."

    WTF is that supposed to mean?!?!
    fine sorry I'll stfu in general from now on i guess. I also noticed this and I am quite frankly embarrassed about it so there's no reason to rub it in my face.
    I'm not demanding or anything, but...

    Are you positive on Psychic-type Arceus? I mean, if the sweeper sets aren't too good, maybe a support set should suffice. Though since it's a generic Psychic-type, there's some Arceus that does support better than this one through typing.

    *Tries to think about the possible sets Psychic Arceus can do*
    Happy belated birthdayyy! I didn't see you on but I decided to leave you a VM after the fact since I still didn't see you. Nice location field too.
    The only 'quite usable' set, which I found for this Arceus is Swords Dance (yeah, I know, Ghost and Normal are totally superior, but... I see no other options, Calm Mind is totally outclassed by MewTwo). I posted some calculations in 'Project Arceus Reservation' thread. Set, which uses STAB Zen Headbutt, and surprisingly the only thing, which you can't 2OHKO or OHKO as neutral targets are Giratina, Lugia and Max HP/Max Def Groudon. Even Supporting Groudon can die in 2OHKO 75% of time with only SR up. Just some food for thought ;). Still nothing great, but I guess better then nothing.
    One question - do you still plan in posting Psychic Arceus ? If not, I'm ready to take it over when necessary ;).
    Hello there! First of all I'd like to thank you for the fast reply. I didn't manage to get back to you sooner than today because I was on a (short) vacation. Also, I just want to say that my article did not get accepted to The Smog and that I am writing a different article because Mekkah asked me to. So if there is still room, then I'd love to discuss my previous one in the upcoming smogcast. Please get back to me! Thanks in advance!
    Undaunted prerelease event. I got myself a Forretress. If you pay for shipping I would be willing to trade/sell
    I know you don't know me but just read your article Creating/ Selecting a Lead (I know its late) and it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. It was really a good read :-)
    Hey are you able to play for the tcg tournament soon? The deadline is coming up.
    ugh, calculus was so fucking bad for me. Stats was a brutal rape too. I guess this is a pretty elegant showing of differences within our species own minds, since I have skills in biology that would likely make you math people confused. :D
    ugh trying to figure out chaos' concept of 0 and numbers is a HUGE mindfuck to me right now. Fuck this is why I heap nothing but scorn on physics and math.

    I'll take on Jack Jack every damn time. I love dismantling poorly thought out posts, his "on the self" is so prime for taking him to the cleaners it's not even funny. He's lucky I got distracted or he'd taste the back of my educated hand!
    The sarcasm was palpable on that one. I've noticed both you and the notorious DK are much less prolific posting in cong when Jack^2 is around. Why is that?
    You're welcome for coercing the little fuck into basically admitting he was wrong and then catching him whilst back peddling. I hope I embarrassed him though I know he's too stupid to understand such complex things.
    I came to the rescue of the thread just now, I think his ass was soundly handed to him.
    Oh I know! He's just out of control- at least even DK or myself (perhaps the two extreme ends of things in cong) aren't that bad when we are at our most contrived!
    hi since you were afk on irc whenever I tried to contact you; #tcg you're an op there. enjoy
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