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  • Your welcome. And that Suicune is full reis if you give credit to MattJ when you offer it or put it in your thread.
    Thanks! I hope that Cresselia helps you out, you going to use it for a tournament?
    K going on as well. And just to be clear am I getting Redis rights? I just need to know in case I wanted to list it or not.
    I couldn't possibly accept redistribution rights, the Cresselia itself is redistributable, wouldn't be fair. I would however not mind a copy of any of those lovely Pokes. ^__^
    Oh...yea it's shiny, sorry.

    Btw, your avatar looks like Eudial from Sailor Moon S. Awesome if it is. =D
    I have a Cresselia w/ HP Fire 66. If you're interested it's in my trade thread.
    I honestly forgot. :P.

    I have a better one as far as competitive battling goes (not shiny though), but it's non redis. That one has just been sort of collecting dust in my PC box. I have had it for ages. I am trying to get the info for the OT on it. I originally got it from religiousjedi of Marriland, but he is not the OT.
    it's impossible for me to change and thanks alot
    please understand i'm not asking for them just inquiring about them.

    but do i have distribution rights to Milotic if not that is fine. i just saw your post in the Simple request thread
    pretty much if a pokemon is marked as fully redistributable anyone can trade it. if it's semi redis only the original trainer and the person who they gave rights to can tade it. if it's not marked as redis at no one can trade it but the original trainer
    I sorry miss I do have a timid hp fire cress but i don't have distribution rights on it
    Umm that Empoleon is guaranteed to survive a fakeout+close combat from Infernape, just hydro pump then Aqua Jet it for the KO. If you dont have a sleep talker just aqua jet smeargle/roserade to break their sashes while they spore and then just bring something else out to threaten them. You only really lose to an anti lead like Dragonite, and if they do have an Anti Lead that means they're probably not going to get stealth rock down which is exactly what this Empoleon was designed to do. If someone gets rocks down, the cost is their lead pokemon, if they don't get rocks down then Empoleon has done its job.
    If you meant evs, yea you won't have to change anything, and yes killing Azelf is important so yea go with the near quint flawless one then
    30/18/31/31/31/26 I recommend you use this one if you still have it, but if you really don't carry about Magnezone that near flawless one with the 17 in sp.def will work
    Well actually the attack is needed to secure the KO on Azelf with Aqua Jet, and I meant, I can give you a copy of my flawless one if you'd like
    Well Empoleon really needs flawless Ivs for that set, but I think I already have a flawless one and it may or may not be ev'd I dont remember, though I think I have it as an egg too
    I'm using a 252 Hp/ 252 Sp.def / 4 Sp.atk Calm spread right now and ill try to get a rough draft of the team to you by tonight, though Im pretty sure I should have it by then
    About the Cresselia well yea you said it, Tyranitar completely destroys it and is the second most common pokemon. Scizor of course can also do a ton of damage to it and it is the most common pokemon. Im not saying it couldn't work though, all that would really be needed is some lures, like Life Orb Celebi, or Choice Specs Latias something like that and maybe dual screens, overall pretty interesting idea I think
    Well im currently testing out Ice beam and its not doing too bad right now, ill try toxic next which will basically let Milotic defeat Latias, plus giving it the ability to hit Zapdos on the switch as well as giving it a reliable way of taking care of togekiss. Oh and of course non taunt Gyarados.
    I sure hope not but, Jumpman's deciding right now what to do since it got 60% votes saying it's uber. They might keep suspect testing or just move it to the uber tier no one really knows what's going to happen right now
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