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  • You're welcome! Feel free to swing by my place (via VM) if you want something again!
    I have a flawless Jolly Lucario you can have for free (from 0731 5750 3878). Want it EVed? It has 252 Atk/252 Spe/6 Def and Close Combat/Ice Punch/ExtremeSpeed/Swords Dance.
    Ok first please don't ever pm me rushing me unless I have said ok let's trade now that not cool at all

    and sure those trading arrangements are fine
    Yeah it does I'll meet you on now to collect butterfree and give you your 4 pokemon
    Eight redis if you use all 4 credits on only redistribute as 1 credit=2 redis pokemon and no s-toss clefable is really stupid as it doesn't allow you to abuse life orb without recoil damage after thanks to magic gaurd mine is a cosmic power charger beam ice beam version I made
    You picked 3 normal pokemon which are 1 credit each so you have 1 credit left which means you can get 1 more normal poke or 2 redis ones
    And redis only cost half a credit so you can get 8 of those
    Beautiful job now I'll give you 4 credits and of course since Its yours you get redis rights

    anything you want now?
    Yeah miss you are doing great and by the way I reccomend keeping it and battling with it scarf timid butterfree is very destructive with stun spore and sleep powder or sleep powder sash lead
    That's really good but I need a bit more hp miss you should keep it for personal use though
    I have more so vm me if you dont want any of these
    Here are the projects I have up for grabs

    ivs I need are 31/x/25+/31/25+/31
    No egg moves needed

    calm or relaxed~insomnia
    31/x/28+/25+/31/x(calm spread)


    timid~tinted lens

    these are my primary breeding wants at the moment
    Ask them to leave it up for awhile as I have a cloning job to do and to return pokes from an eving job
    Do you have a battle or something?
    I have expert Evans flawless blissey
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