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  • Thanks for the 2 Masterballs, 2 PP Maxes, 2 Water Stones, and extra two Beldum clones that I didn't ask for. :D

    *puts on whitelist for currently non-existant new trade shop*
    One I apologize for giving you the wrong cat but at the same time it helped me realize I was about to be outted my tc cat i'll mark you down for 1 credit left in my thread but you really gotta add your credits right
    And we can swap a poke but no for my persian as that would be 5 credits kiddo
    Sorry for leaving but I'm moving and no you don't have the credits for the tc Persian remember it's 2 not 1 and either way that Persian should be flawless as that isn't my tc one it was the bp I had done for me
    I don't need anything. =P If you want it, ready to get on Wi-Fi now? Lanturn's over at my Diamond code.
    I've been on with an invite up for awhile
    Makes me happy to see people requesting uu's
    Yeah? You request alot of uu's I hope you know how to make em work
    Can't get you floatzel ATM left my other ds at my house I'm moving into and he is in ss
    Redis pokes are half a credit not semi redis
    I have both and they are posted in my thread which means you really didn't look for things you wanted or need you just picked the first three thing that looked nice to you. Lol
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