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  • Alright, thanks man. I'll get these done in a little bit. So level 50 for all three of them?
    Actually, could you wait a few minutes? I have to eat breakfast real quick if that's okay
    You're welcome. I usually prefer their non-shiny colors. However, there are so many shinies in the trade market... Thanks! I may offer it, or rebreed for non shiny. That depends on how busy/lazy I am, haha.
    Hey, you around now?
    Sure, I can clone a copy. Thanks for asking before the trade.
    Are you on #smogonwifi? Maybe we can meet there since I too am on and off all day. It's too nice outside to stay indoors all day. :P
    2278 8850 1101 Brian
    I'm not trying to RNG right now, but my last target delay was 708. I tried it two times and hit seeds with delays of 687 and 681. I'm also using toastplusone's timer and it's called ZOMG timer.
    Like what? I need these tips because I really want to learn how to RNG in HGSS. I want to RNG because I'm tired of people saying that none of the pokemon in my thread are mine and I want to show them that I can get breed or catch some good pokemon.
    Seriously? Stronger than a metor mash, damn. Who should I replace then? And I was also thinking about the bear, but you're right, he's too slow
    Oh sweet, if I think of one I'll let you know, thanks
    And I haven't done it yet, people are taking too long to get the last one done, but no, I haven't thought of one, it seems like a good sweeper though.
    Yeah, he has a pretty decent attack. That's the reason why I like registeel, he's a good wall. And I don't see you, I'll add your FC again.
    Oh, got it. Well if you need movesets or leveling up I could help with that. And yeah, regirock is pretty boss. I like registeel the most though hahaha
    Sure thing, there's no rush or anything
    And if you ever need anything EV trained you could ask me hahaha
    Hahahahaha, I didn't know you felt that way, but yup I can supply a parent
    Add my HG FC please
    Could you do a shiny careful Quagsire with the egg moves curse and recover? I can provide the parent if you need it.
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