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  • I can trade now. Remember these pokemon are non-redis so you can't trade them. Again if you want anything on my thread tell me.
    I'm sorry I couldn't get on... I'll be on from 8 PM to 10:30 PM tonight as I have a school comp all of today. I hope you understand about the fact that I needed sleep. :(
    For what? I don't have anything you want right now other than groudon. I have all my ivs posted....
    Oh lol I didn't know that. I'm 16. Sorry, but I need to be coureous towards others. Yeah, it's cool if they are untrained. Are they flawless? Idc if u do or don't put hp on, haha. :P
    I'm free to trade right now...
    What's with the whole sir thing? I'm only 13 lol. I can trade now btw. Garchomp is a piece of cake to get, but is it okay if it is ut ns such still a gible. Same with the rest is ut ok? Well good luck. You don't want a hp on any of them right?
    Maybe you should check my thread first. As i said some of the non-redis stuff isn't that great. (the shiny ho water eevee is kinda weird.) If you find something you really really want please tell me. I gotta go soon so I can't really trade right now, but I'm around all weekend (: Where you going for the vgc?
    I'll try to get you the kyogre if possible. This is not going to take precedence over distributing hoppip or finding a hitmontop.
    As to why I don't have a team yet, I haven't thought about it. I'll probably do some cmt's and ask around for some stuff for me. If something really appeals to you tell me. I'm entering vgc first time too, look at my join date. Luckily I only have 1 more component and the team's done. *Begins staring at the special offer on my trade thread.*
    Oh sure. How about I give you every single non-redis poke I have and go from there. (if you want them, some of them aren't that nice really) I have to clone but it takes about 5 seconds. Strydorman's thread has some free pokes. You could ask for some and I f your nice you shall recieve. Also, giveaways are a great way to get pokes. The majority of my trade thread are giveaway pokes actually, the offers started flooding in only a few dys ago because of my latios. I don't even have a team myself for vgc or just normal, but I'm getting around to it. Right now I'm just getting stuff that appeals to a wide audience so I can get what I want (:
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