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  • I will take the metagross means I will give you the groudon for the meta btw. What's the redis?
    I have everything I have posted. Other than semi junky stuff which I did before i cared about ivs. You entering vgc
    XD I didnt know you were offering a beldum... well i already have it, if you want you can do a BP for me.
    Hi. I have very narrow times to do trades. I'm usually on line around 7 PM EST every night but sometimes only for an hour. The first half hour, I can do trades, but it's more problematic on the last half hour, as I have to wrap things up and get off the computer. Make sure you VM me the moment you see me. Don't expect to get the MattJ trio if you VM me after 7:30 PM because, like I said, I'm at that point wrapping things up so I can get off the computer on time. I have kids that need taking care of by then. Ok, so VM me.

    Otherwise, we can try for next weekend.
    Thank you. When I'm done preparing my thread, I'll let you know what I want for Mewtwo.
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