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  • Is the speed 31? Sorry for the late response, it blended in with the other users who posted on my wall who do not have avatars.
    dude you have plenty of people giving pokes already
    If I get them, I'll give you them, I fell everyone should get some help. I'm trying, but as you know, getting trades is hard, even with a trade thread. Mine isn't that big, but you should see some of the bigger trade threads, they practically won't take a single offer. I have a cmt on a jolly garchomp as I type this. Essentialy, everything I have on my trade thread is all I have (I need to update) but what you see is what you get. Please just check my trade thread net time. If I get any of the things you want I'll give it to you for free. However yesterday I was concerned about getting my hitmontop and self destructing mewtwo. I'll try to help, but I don't have what I don't have.
    Ah, okay. Thank you so much, sir! Hopefully, I can let you say, "Thats my team! He won using my team." :) lol
    I can't actually go to the VGC's this year, but I help battle people in that format to get them ready all the time. I only have a couple of teams that are decent. I suppose I could send you one of those. I'll PM you what Pokes they are, and let you decide. Gimme a few minutes.
    Ah, okay. Thank you a ton, sir! This will greatly help me out!!! :)
    What time would u possibly be on tmrw? Maybe the morning at like 9-10 Central Time or later?
    Alright i'll think about giving you those three pokemon then, but I have to log for the night, so I'll try to get them to you tomorrow if you're on
    I've VMed many ppl, like Aqueos and Strydorman, but Strydorman hasn't replied. :( Aqueos helped me a little, and I'm very gracious. :)
    I didn't find you, lol. I saw a lot of ppl posting on one of your threads, so I assumed you were really good and had lots of extra Pokemon. So, I wanted to know if you could possibly help me out.

    Out of your thread, I could use these:

    Linkino's Kyogre
    Jolly Garchomp
    Vaporeon HP Electric 70
    You dont mean help you actually make it right? Cause I dont know anything about VGC, all I know is OU. I'm assuming you mean supply you pokemon?
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