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  • Yo, what's the EV spread you run on Bulk Up Bulu? I normally run a max SpDef set when I use Bulu since I just copied that set from ND, but that seems less optimal in OU since Ash Gren isn't a thing. Also do you normally run Darkest Lariat or High Horse Power as the main coverage move on such a set?
    Hi Mag,

    I experiment a lot, currently running:

    28 HP / 176+ Atk / 40 Def / 120 SpD / 136 Speed

    most replaceable is speed, the 136 neutral let’s you outspeed standard spDef Lando and all neutral aegislash/crawdaunt

    I don’t run high horsepower or darkest lariat for coverage, close combat and rock slide have worked well so far!
    Hey thanks, wondering what it means exactly, seems cool!
    Hey man awesome post re: garchomp. Have you posted that team or anything similar anywhere?

    Interested to try out miracle seed rilla & friends
    Hey Ziggy did you need the sets for those?

    here’s a poke paste:

    Miracle seed Rillaboom is a massive threat right now! Garchomp is a very consistent Pokémon that is very easy to get results with
    Awesome, thanks! I'd imagine all the leftovers mons really appreciate grassy terrain for double healing.

    I've played v that trick g slowking set yesterday actually.

    Excited to try it out
    Hey. Aside from the fact that stone edge never hits, would it be alright to ask for why you use rock slide over stone edge on your Garchomp?
    Hey Raven,

    i much rather a 27% chance to win a game with a flinch rather than a 20% to lose a game with a miss.

    it’s also the most reliable move to check volcarona.

    It also reliably 2hkos most Zappos and tornadis-t. It doesn’t 2hko mandibuzz, but occasional flinches means free leftovers recovery before you eventually switch back out!

    add paralysis support for the most fun!
    Stone edge can only 2hko most flying Pokémon 64% of the time.. at best ! That’s what sucks about miss chances
    Red Raven
    Red Raven
    Yeah rng can easily make or break a game. Thanks for the answer
    Just wanted to say that I appreciate your posts. I know you get s lot of flak for some of your more hot takes, but I recognize your success on the ladder and always take what you say as more than just some random post. Keep it up man
    Wouldn’t mind seeing you participate a bit in tours either, but I get why you don’t
    Hey Clone, thanks for the message! Happy to keep sharing, I can’t do tournaments because I usually play on mobile phone in spare time. Don’t really have 1hr+ windows I can allocate to tournaments, and my time zone is in the Southern Hemisphere :(
    appreciated the shoutout when you mention me with the raboot team when talking about how the meta is friendly to innovation and weird stuff
    Hey, I just saw ur team and screenshot, so yeah, good job. Btw, as for the Bliss weakness, u can try Safeguard over Psychic on Volc, as now Bliss could have trouble at Toxic'ing it and Prim already deals with most walls Sylv has Mystical Fire so they both can compete a little :3 (nah just kidding with that part).
    Hello there. Do you mind sending the pokepaste links to the teams you were using in your replays? I thought they were pretty cool.
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