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  • I have Audacity too. I wonder, if push comes to shove, I can record too and then we can sync up our conversations? O_o These kinds of things confuse me.

    If you ever see me playing TF2, feel free to join me! My favorite server is godlike.
    Why don't we record a Skype call as the commentary? I have no idea how it works, but I've seen it done before!

    As for TF2, although I play the game a lot, I don't think it's worth commentating. So much ridiculousness is better left speaking for itself! We should try to play together sometime, but I don't know how the lag situation will be since we're an ocean apart.
    Dan Dan, what do you think about getting dual commentary on an OPLV episode of Smogcraft? I know where everything is there and it might be fun to have an extra voice! :3
    hey dan
    I'll be finished with school in a few days so I'll be back on more often. So if you want, we could do that dual comm cave run video thing you were talking about a while back.
    I'll give you skype details once we decide whether were doing this or not
    okay. i am going to need a LOT of space haha. will have to do a little exploring. :D ehm. field is 100 long 60 wide. then stands on top of that maybe 50- 150 long stands. high wont be matter. just wool. glass. smooth stone. but yes. :|
    mm i was on when it updated :D . i finished that building just need maybe about 200 glass. ive just decided on the idea so i will have to find a suitable area with enough space etc. but also i think im in lsb so ill just chest my stuff in that building and die so i spawn at bed. :D ho long do you think it will take for the server to get back up and running ? :)
    DAN :D ive decided to make a football stadium just off from the valley. help would be much appreciated ;D
    lol, true...

    nah, theres no need, I'm sure I can work something out...

    *yawn* besides, I'm off ro bed now, so I probs won't get it for a lil' while
    aww, it's a really nice skin, I wanted to us it :(

    oh well, I'll see what I can go with good ol' MS paint xD
    Butt... I've tried to be online a bit and you're like never ever online, Dan Dan!!!11111 And sorry for ignoring you, I've been kinda down lately :(
    okay, so bad news and also good news

    the bad news is: somebody burned down the community tree farm and one of the adjoining wooden buildings

    the good news is: i deduced the fuck out of this mystery and determined the culprit, with about 90% certainty, to be gagnorbly. the timing all works out according to the logs and information received from other users, and there also were reports of him flooding the quarry with magma and messing with deweysberg. finally we have proof enough to ban him (which i did). e _e

    will implement the whitelist for sure when i wake up.
    i'm willing to take the risk, but i have no problems with closing the doors either. i'm gonna let you make that call.

    ps you may now change the server status to: glorious
    the server has been made accessible but hmod has been temporarily disabled. can you go ahead and edit the server topic to reflect this? i-i am still too weak to contend with the mighty chanserv...
    I was scared my Bikini top would come off as the other was gonna take picture when I came down xD DAN DAN, just because I have small hands doesn't mean I'm SUPER SHORT!!! :@

    Also, I don't really like you new avatar :/
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