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  • wow that's big ;o I bet if I went down it my trunks would come off :( are you sure you were tall enough to go on it though :P
    I don't like that hint ;) Nope, I haven't :( Butt my aunt will get a lighter with a naked man on + a bottle of whine. And my brother will get a apron :D *I suck at buying xmas gifts xD*

    Oh yeah, I went down this one when I was in Siam park in Tenerife :D :D
    It was crappy the first days like I think I said, but then it got a bit better :( Still not as tanned as I would've hoped. And I saw WILD mr.WHALE AND DOLPHIN!!!!!!!!!!!111
    Dude, would it be too much to ask for a copy of Nattorei with 0 Spe IVs? I just wanna try and use it for a breeding experiment.
    I would've traded you a Arbok... but I seam to have lost it somehow and all my Crimgan are female >_> They don't have noobsuit (pursuit) thought..

    Edit: Also you're a super duper noob if you don't breed fire fang on it! :O
    Dis: :D and dis: [IMG]:naughty:

    Edit: No I need to goe to work, hopefully I will be able to spell properly when I come home :D
    Yo! I just wait at different times and see what gives me the right IVs. I play Pokemon B/W on a flashcart if you're wondering. I watch my analog clock closely. I'm used to using an analog clock when RNG abusing. I never used Pikatimer or the likes. Probably the reason why I can hit my seed almost 100% of the time.

    By the way, sometimes my seed is different when using different parents. But since I hit my seed all the time, therefore hitting the right PID, I just wait for frame advancements.
    I dunno :S I hope it went well xD At least I was skilled when it come to playing memory >_>
    Oh, they are all over the internet :naughty: Think there might be nude ones as well ;)
    Max hp/def, 4 speed according to my thread. Not sure why I went with the random speed Ev's thought o.O
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