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  • Hey man, how the fuck are you, I hope youre doing well bro. Just to inform you, we are paired up in the tournament. The Almighty God Scarlequin is from England so as I post this, the time here is 11.25 am. I may not be able to play today, but please VM/PM me back and we will arrange a time for our match, taking into consideration time differences, Thank you
    Dude, I simply can't play at times like that. That vm was sent to me at about 1:30am. Whenever you ask for a session, think about what time it is for me. If it's a weekday make sure it's between my 4:00pm and 10:00pm, if not, make sure it's between my 9:00am and 10:00pm, lol. Also keep in mind that sometimes, because I'm 12 hours ahead of you, I may be a day ahead of you too. I can be online pretty much anytime in th next 12 hours today.
    Hello Dark Nikuman, it's saturday, so I can pretty much be online anytime in the next 12 hours, other than 4:00pm - 6:00pm my time. Just reply to this VM saying whether or not you have time for a lesson today, and if you do, then also tell me where we should chat, and what time suits you best :)
    Dark Nikuman, thanks for participating in the Dark Horse Project. However, you need to reach top 100 in OU leaderboard to enter the HoF. This requires to play ~40 games to lower your deviation to +/- 80. You are not eligible for HoF with a deviation of 129. You also need to provide a ladder proof by providing a picture of your registered alt on your leaderboard.
    Hey, guy, I´m sorry for this, but I can´t play tomorrow, because I will go with my parents to the shopping centers. )´: Can you play at next weekend?
    Try and add some more description like Harsha said :) I'd be more than willing to lend a hand once you have; its hard to know how your team operates without the necessary information in a RMT. Lemme if you're having trouble, I'm sure I could help with that too in some way
    We´re paired in the BW OU Team Tournament. Well, I see that you are from italy and I´m from Mexico, maybe will be difficult contact you. Can you play on weekend? :)
    Hey, if you wanna play for Benelux you need to be either from Belgium or the Netherlands. Since you're Italian, wouldn't it make more sense to join Italy? xD
    Hey I see you are a member of Team Rocket Corporation. You should be more active there! Come by and post anytime!
    I'll rate your team after you implement the changes NWO suggested and you considered, makes it easier for me. Also keep in mind what Razza said, only VM people you know rate teams, which is mostly people with this badge (
    idk know a lot about BW OU sorry man, but a mixrachi looks cool with iron head fire punch hidden power ice tbolt over your current one, give it a shuca berry or an expert belt. idk a good spread though, shakeitup has a RMT with a good one i think you can look at it. then, give dragonite fire punch or eq over ice beam. not sure if this will work, but you dont lose anything trying it out!
    i dont rate, and in future dont spam vm's to loads of people asking for rates unless you know they rate teams.
    Hey, thanks for the message, but I'm not much of a team rater :P

    Good luck with the team tho :)
    just talk about why that Pokemon is on your team, why you chose his specific set, and things of that nature
    You should probably read the RMT rules, since your threat is about to be locked. Try making your descriptions a bit longer.
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