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  • is there any specific time you're on? I can work my schedule around it and we can hopefully play soon.
    hye bro we're opponents for the tutee tourney so let's try and get it done fast.

    My Timezone is GMT -5 so just tell me when you're available and we'll work something out.
    I have an idea now, sorry i couldn't get it to you earlier.

    My time: January 31 - 8:00

    Your time: January 30 - 20:00

    Hopefully we can do this time so you don't get subbed. Please get back to me asap.
    hey Dark Nikuman, if you look at my VM wall you'll see that Tobes has agreed to sub you out if the match isn't completed in two days.

    I seriously don't want this happen as I want to give you chance but your inactivity has hindered that. I do think I have an idea for a time that I think may work out.

    I'll VM you it soon.
    Maybe you should check to see if if I'm online as well. The time I said that, we were, you said that at 4:30am.

    Also, you missed our organized time.
    OK, it wasn't good that we missed out on playing when we both online. However, hopefully you can turn up in time for our battle. I'll just be on the Smogon Server so when you're online shoot me a VM.
    Look, I've been trying to contact you and I went out of my way to try and get online at the same time as you. But the truth is, I can't up until 1am for a pokemon battle. We can try and sort out a time as I saw hat you were on at 8am my time a couple of days ago (but I slept in that day sadly). So if we can get a time around 7-8am my time (I'll have to get early because it's the holidays) I'll settle for that.

    Also, please try and reply to VM's as I truly want to get a time up we can't organize it if you keep ignoring me.
    That's 1 am on my time. Please use a time converter to convert your time t oGMT +12 as that is my and since I VMed you fist that's the time we'll be using.
    Sup, we're playing in beginings of B/W tourney. My timezone is GMT+12 so if we could organise around that it would be great.

    I should be pretty flexiable because of my summer holidays so I should be on for most of the day.

    Please VM back asap with a time.
    nope. real life bs prevented me from getting any sleep last night. let's play tomorrow or sunday.
    (in the future post VMs on my wall)

    I'm in class this time tomorrow. If you can fight around 4 pm (10 pm for you) that would work, otherwise we'll have to try for this weekend.
    That works for me. We have to play on PO because I have a mac and can't run NBS. I'll be on SU around that time.
    we play gsc ubers for that tourney. im ready anytime, when do you want to play?
    bro you still need to expand your descriptions some more; take a look at the rmt archive for an example
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