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  • Hi Dark Ray, I was wondering if when your trading hiatus is over I can trade you a Safari Ball Timid Hp Ice 70 Riolu for your Level Ball Shiny Larvitar. I've got it in .pkm file format, the ev'd version knows vacuum wave and is still unevolved so it can get nasty plot upon gen 5. It was rng'd by Fenix54 and is fully redis.
    EDIT: Yes, the Riolu is shiny. Was also wondering if your dw golett is up for trade
    Chansey is hack,that's real,but i removed the chansey immediately after alex said it was hack,all other pokè of alex are legit,this was just a misunderstanding
    Chansey was only on Pokècheck, I put the public rather than private, Chansey has not been traded,all other Pokèmon are legit
    K. Also, have you by any chance found any good seeds for a BCC Pinsir? The only ones I've found for a flawless BCC Pinsir/Scyther are 1F120227 (adamant 1 Scyther), 0a140262 (jolly 1 Scyther), ad1502a4 (careful 1 Scyther), and 2d1602aa (careful 0 Pinsir)

    All of which are CC spreads, and of course by flawless I mean 31 in everything except special attack.
    Okay, thanks. What does method 2 in the old version of PokeRNG even do? I've only used it for method 1 and eggs.
    May I ask what frame you found the spread for this on? I would like to get one for myself, lol.

    Actually, I'd really like to know how you found good spreads for wild 3rd gen mons in general. I came across your stuff (that Chansey in particular) while searching for good/possible FRLG spreads on pokecheck. The only way I know of to search for spreads is through RNG Reporter, which can only generate 99999999 results at a time (and very slowly).
    Hello again. I got my desired SID a while back (extremely easy), and now I'm just letting the frame advance. Is there a faster way to do this, aside from simply leaving the game running? Also, is there a way to find out what frame I'm on without having to catch a Pokémon (basically, a way so that I'm not limited by RNG Reporter's range)?
    I've calculated how many frames it takes to generate my SID, but now how do I go about finding which frame I want to hit? I've copied the frames generated by leaving the ROM a while into a spreadsheet. Is there a calculator for finding which SID I need for my ID to achieve flawless shiny spreads, or do I have to manually convert the frames to SIDs and check them?
    Ah, thanks. I'll have a read of those.

    (Due to me being stupid, I didn't increase Reporter's max results past 100,000. >_>)
    Hi Dark Ray, I noticed you have had previous success with Gen III emulator abuse. I was wondering what you use to see if you've obtained a useful ID/SID combo. I know how to find my ID/SID, but I don't know how to search for frames in the millions.
    Oh, hm...guess it might be the only option, then.

    As for the Zigzagoon encounter, I use that to verify my SID (and not the frame). If the Zigzagoon is shiny, that means I got the desired SID. I'm only using the .lua script from this thread. (last page, posted by Hozu himself)

    EDIT: According to my own research through TAS, when I hold A at frames 42303-40307, after around 80 frames, frame jumps to 42425 and then another 4 frames to 42429. If frame 42429 (after the 4-frame increase) in that same run determines SID, then I know why. If not, then I'm still trying to figure things out.

    EDIT 2: I use Researcher (16BitHigh, *1 in Custom1) to find the suitable SID. Retrieved the Column1 and pasted into Microsoft Excel and searched from there. But what I said above may be the issue.
    Just a quick question regarding cutoff points for SID abusing in Emerald. I know SID is determined somewhere after I press A on Birch's last line (at start). Is the SID determined the moment the screen turns black? Or is it determined when the frame jumps by around 30 (after 80 frames have advanced after pressing A)?

    I still get undesired results after some number of attempts.
    I suppose so. =\

    As for going to a battle, I didn't know the frame advances faster than usual. Hm...maybe I just might go deep. Except I gotta be intentionally afk for frame advancing purposes.

    (By the way, I don't have my desired SID, yet.)
    Oh, hm...yeah, I was trying to mention something like that, but that's actually exactly what I did. There are plenty of good IV spreads to choose; it's just that I'm not too much into IV's that are, say, 24 or below in not-so-useless stats (though there may be exceptions).
    Speaking of "random seeding", does it basically mean searching for the best possible frames in RNG Reporter? If so, I actually did it, but the target frames are in the 5000000+ mark, in which I could be completely impatient.
    Actually, The Agonist linked me to a Shedinja and offered to do Machop for me, so no thanks.
    Well, I never said we had to do this RIGHT NOW...

    Normally, I would've gone to someone else, but you're the only one I know who has that mew...

    EV training is pretty much all I can offer right now. I can't clone, and I doubt you want anything in my thread...
    Looks like my interest in Mew finally got someone's attention xD. Nice job! I'm willing to do some 5th gen EV training for a copy.
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