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  • Hi, you seem like a really cool UU dude ^.^ btw, I loved that Vaporeon set you posted even though it is "standard", it's just such an epic sponge :O
    Thank you very much! Yeah, Vaporeon is really great right now in UU. Beats so many threats and gives a lot of support, especially since most Bulky Pokemon and Megas in the tier aren't relying on Lefties anymore.
    Hey, I have a question about my Cawmodore movepool submission.

    As a flavor move, I put in Dynamic Punch. This move is pretty bad, especially since I did not give it any way to bypass the accuracy. However it's still technically a 100 Power Fighting Move. It it kosher to keep on, or should I pull it out of my submission.
    Hi DarkSlay, Team Rocket Corporation is conducting an activity sweep. We are getting rid of any inactive or non contributing members. We have numerous of activities and open to new ideas for you to post and be active in TRC.We would love to keep you as a member. Post in this thread to remain a member.
    Hello, you've been accepted into the CAP Policy Review Committee. Congratulations! You should now have posting privileges in that forum. Make sure you read up on the rules and don't be afraid to ask any questions. Can't wait to work with you!
    Also, could you comment on Normal/Ground? It has good coverage together, but individusally cannot be spammed due to the prominant steel, flying, or levitating posts. I think it meets your standards there.
    Hey, I just saw your post in the CAP forums and I just had a question: How come you like Bug/Psychic so much, but Fire/Psychic really hasnt gotten any notice. I just dont see how Bug/Psychic is so good for this case. Do you think you could explain?
    Hey man, sorry to hear about your Mom, but I am glad that she's better now! Good to see you back =)
    Pretty good, actually! I'm getting progressively tired with everything that's going on, but that happens to everyone, haha. Your studies are going well, I assume?
    I just want to thank all of my friends on here, the entire CAP and CAP ASB organizations (shout-outs to capefeather, Deck Knight, Rising Dusk, iiMK, Korski and the other wonderful members of CAP), and anyone else I've worked and communicated with for giving me a few years of fun. The reason why I wanted to help out the CAP community, and the community as a whole, was because even though I'm a bit older than some of the users here, I felt that the kids here found a genuine passion for Pokemon, and I wanted to make their experience even better while I was on here. I hope that the CAP2 project went smoothly and soundly, and I can't wait to check in from month to month to see what the community has created next. Not to mention, Smogon gave me a lot of statistical practice, so I'll also make sure that calculations are used frequently. :P

    Thanks all, and God bless,
    DarkSlay (or DrkSlay if you prefer :P)
    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been here, but I just wanted to update everyone of my situation, and why I kind of just vanished.

    At the time, my mother was extremely sick (personal), so I had to both juggle trying to help her out at home (when I could get home) as well as balance my education at college. I also had to take up her at-home business for a while while she was out sick, which added more to my own plate. So, I unfortunately had to give up on quite a few activities during that time, which included Smogon (and even most video games).

    Not to worry, however. My mother is completely fine now, and healthy (I thank God for that). However, even though that's all done with, I'm now just in too deep with my studies and my outside life to come back full time as a contributor. So, I suppose you can consider this post as a "final post" of sorts. I wanted to tell you guys earlier, but I just became so tied up with my work (trying to get to law school takes up time).
    Hello. I don't mean to rush you, but I just want to make sure you haven't forgotten about our important battle.
    Let's do it. And did you mean Abilities=ALL or ONE? Also, do you want to send out first or order first?
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