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  • Heh, alrighty then, I got another one to make up for it. levren! Go for it!

    edit: okay you're busy, getting someone else.
    Sorry that your tutoring didn't go fully well. I asked Pikapwnd about his situation but never got a response, I dunno what's going on. Oh well I guess. >.< Just wish more people would post at this tutoring thread!
    Sorry I just realized that, in your last raid (Cliff of Thunder), I gave you 3 VC whereas the actual reward was 1 VC, sorry. I fixed that.
    Hi there, despite not being a Tournament ref, I've been asked to subref this battle. Do you approve? Thank you in advance.
    Hey DarkSlay, do you know what's happened in this match with the reffing? You are tutoring Pikapwnd, and he is past DQ.
    Our tournament match hasn't been reffed for two days, and it's in Sudden Death, so you're well past DQ. Not to mention the fact that we're barely even halfway done thus far .-. We seriously need you to ref daily until this thing ends, and we need you to ref as soon as you get on today. I'll be reminding you on IRC.
    Just a question about my recent prize approval: Was that approval for only my post involving Cleffa and Vanillite or did that include the earlier one as well? I noticed that other people with multiple posts had numbers next to their names and I wanted to be sure both of my claims were approved.
    Hey DarkSlay, I think I should have more energy in my match with Dummy. I think you forgot to give me a STAB bonus for the three Magic Coats.
    Quick question from the tourney prize thread: why does Allergy get both KO counters when he only KOd Breezi?
    Oops, that was late sorry lol!

    (It was a VM saying change to Absol but you did that already.)
    Well that's odd. It was a 1 day DQ, but the longest I ever took was 12 hours. Well, if they asked, then whatever.
    Hey, did I mess something up in the Spenstar vs Steampowered battle? Or did they ask for a subref? Cause it had only been like 4 hours from the last post when you started subrefing. If I did do something, then OK, but would you let me know what, cause I'm just a bit confused right now.
    Hi, can you register my team in CAP ASB page 11
    thanks :) if not tell me how i can get it approved :)
    DarkSlay, why is it taking so long for posting in the raid thread? It's been 2 days already
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