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  • breed whatever you can and I'll RNG whatever I can! Lol Also I just RNGed a shiny riolu by luck!! xD I hit another wrong delay and the dumb thing came out shiny!! xD
    yeah... and if you trade the that means the other person owns it, but with this rule the person *owns* the pkm... and also why would you want it if you can't trade it? It'll just make dust in your UBS, SD card or cartridge...
    I don't care about that either! Lol
    Like you said people will trade them anyways, and I also hate that rule of smogon about non redis whatever, I mean if you get a pkm is to trade it for another good things! x3
    oh ok. |o|
    Will send them in just a moment, Offtopic: I will also try to buy a new computer because I know how to RNG on an emulator and trade. ;)
    i got it from a friend on another site.. you remember when i asked around for mimic glitch chansey? my friend gave it too me.. btw if you put it in your trade thread make it non-redistributable with rights to you and me! so only you and i have the rights to trade and no other.. just put tinytyranitar_t's shiny bold chancey... if you do say it was done with a emerald save and emulator and cloned on hence the special ribbon.. it is perfectly legit..!
    What do you think about that Bold Eviolite Chansey? If you don't like Wish teach it Softboiled instead.. I though you would enjoy it!
    thank you!!! another friend made this for me its a mimic glitch chansey.. edited from emerald on an emulator.. the ribbon was attached from a distro like thing..
    i am sorry i did not respone but i kinda fell asleep about three hours ago.. it is not too late i am able to trade.. does it still have the moves tbolt,h.blast,hpFire,trick?
    i didn't see your last vm lv 50 would be great and lv 100 would be awesome.. depending on what is convient/easy for you to do.. c(; how long might it take you? in minute(s)-hour(s)?
    i am going to sleep for the night, will you be available in about 4 hours to trade and can it be at least Lv 50 if it is not to much to ask?... for readiness for a flat battle...
    excuse my lazy-ness but i meant to vm you a msg.. but accidentally posted it on my profile page as a vm.. can you look at it? i am very limited with a 3g cellphone...
    what do you mean you cannot train it tonight but today.. I am confused.. Since we live it completely different timezones..
    How quick can it be EV train.. without leveling up it to 100 or 50.. I can lvl them up.. my FC is 4255-3095-8267..
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