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  • @ 3RUKA UARX- yes i can send you the files. send me an email (email in sig) and ill reply to your email with the files!

    @ ZUZU- i will send you the timid victini now :)

    @ chou toshio- i can send you the files also. email me and ill reply with the files!
    Hey dude, not a big deal one way or the other, but would it be cool to ask for the jolly victini file by e-mail? I know the giveaway is over, but I hope it wouldn't be a big deal if I was just asking for the file :P
    Hey, it's me again :P I don't wanna seem greedy or anything, but could I obtain the Timid Victini as well? I'd love a Physical and Special version of it. But I'd love to offer a near flawless HP ICE Landorus (Naive) for it. Could we send eachother the pkm files if you agree to this? If not, it's cool :D
    Err, hello.
    Your Victini giveaway is over, I was rather late; but is it still, possible, perhaps, to receive it as a file in a mail? I've been looking forward to it and...
    Yeah, that.
    Thanks for the trade! Sorry about the connection, it seemed to be very slow.
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