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  • Hah, well at least you stick to your guns. Just wanted to clear up that I don't hate you...but you are my nemesis. If that makes sense. A superhero cannot exist without a supervillain, otherwise all you'd have is regular heroes. :D:D:D
    Genny Deck knight wouldn't know how to pick up a girl even if she was sitting on his face, naked, begging for him to make a move.
    What is your source on the Catholic church spending 90% of their money on the poor? I don't doubt it, I'm just curious.
    i must say that your custom title is one of my favorites ever ("No checks, No counters" for the time capsule crew) even without taking smoochum's haughty pose into account
    Hey Deck, don't mean to bother you, but I was looking through the Circus Maximus Forum, and noticed you were trying to form an ASB League of sorts; something I've had some form of experience in. I would be interested in working with you, if you want/interested. If you'd like, feel free to PM me back.
    Hey DK. Sorry to bother, but since your well ended, I was wondering if you would still answer my question if it's no trouble.

    "1. How are they going to callaborate and cause an actual problem? If this was possible, then wouldn't prisoners be doing this on a regular basis? I don't forsee them taking down America with guns made from soap.

    2. Actually, this is a great point that I had not thought of, which definately sways my opinion to a slightly less liberal stance. :)

    However, I wanted you to answer more on the fact that Habbeas Corpus is being suspended for them, and as dictated by the founding fathers, people have certain innane (or God given) rights. These include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don't see how liberty is being carried out when they are being held without trial. So what is your view on this specifically?"

    That was what I posted in response. Thanks!
    Deck I can promise you that there are truly things that are fantastic and bombastic than you!
    So Deck, i heard you're going to get admins soon for promising to change the site for the better then continuing exactly what was already going on. You were nominated the day before you got your ladybug, actually. Congrats!!
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