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  1. Pre-Bank RMT: Dual Physical Sweeper Threat

    After almost an entire generation of hiatus - I never really enjoyed 5th gen competitive battling at all - I'm currently getting back in the game and trying out a modification of a pretty succesful team I used in the 4th generation. It's based around spreading paralysis and sweeping after the...
  2. All Gens Pokemon Through the Ages: Flygon

    I've been wondering, if Snorlax was really so overcentralizing in GSC, why was it never deemed Uber? I mean, back then, there weren't any standard procedures on Smogon like there are nowadays, but I can't help but imagine some people may have noticed..
  3. Most frustrating pokemon moments!

    My worst Pokemon-related moment ever is a no-brainer. I encountered a shiny Venomoth in the Safari Zone in LG. It fled. The only other wild shinies I've ever seen were Zigzagoon in Ruby and Linoone in Emerald. Or maybe the other way around, I can't really remember. Edit: Wow, it's been almost...
  4. Thank you! =D

    Thank you! =D
  5. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 2 - Who am I to break tradition?

    Heatran may not be a counter to Latios, but if you say it's unviable, you've never used it. I use Fire Blast Specs Heatran, which (with status support) utterly rapes and destroys almost any Sun team. Ninetales, Charizard and most other resistant Pokemon are easily 2HKO'd bij Fire Blast, so they...
  6. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 2 - Who am I to break tradition?

    Also, people are already using fewer Drizzle-based teams because they know/think it's going to be banned soon anyway, or because they think it's lame/broken. Edit: Don't underestimate Togekiss this gen, it's the star of my team, really. o.o
  7. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 2 - Who am I to break tradition?

    Yeah, a lot of people are WAY too ban-happy. I have seen no evidence that Reuniclus, Wobbuffet or even Latios are overpowered and/or overcentralizing, so let's just focus on the obviously broken shit first - Drizzle, and either Sand Stream or Excadrill/Landorus. After that, we can take a closer...
  8. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 2 - Who am I to break tradition?

    Wobbuffet isn't that great vs Politoed. It can't Encore a Hypnosis - because it falls asleep - and if you try to Encore anything else, its STAB water move in the rain is a 2HKO. Just using Mirror Coat right away will also put you to sleep most of the times... I didn't get to try it vs Ninetales...
  9. Go, Speed Cloyster, Go! (vs Agammemnon)

    I love unorthodox movesets. It's like my Ice Fang/Fire Fang Gliscor and my Thunder Wave Gyarados - nobody expects it, and a lot of people get fucked over. Not a very special warstory, but not a really bad one either - I'll say 6,5/10.
  10. R-N-G Vexxes Me

    This is probably the best warstory I ever read. Seriously. Everybody else pretty much explained why - I'm impressed someone can write such huge stories about a Pokemon battle without it getting boring. And it wasn't just long and interesting, it shows in-depth thought behind every single move...
  11. Online deaths

    On another forum, I have a lot of friends I also see a lot IRL, and some of them know my family as well... so if I were to drop dead for some reason, they would know. But I guess that's easier when living in a small country like the Netherlands - a three-hour train ride and you've gone from one...
  12. Nuzlocke Challenge

    After the harsh battle against Wattson, I didn't have too much trouble up until Flannery. Caught a Marill (named Sufralle) on route 117 and decided to train it, so Flannery would be a lot easier. After that, I caught a Koffing (Pollux) and a Skarmory (Evanis), killed a second Marill, failed to...
  13. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Currently trying a Nuzlocke on Emerald. Team is: Incendix (Combusken) lv 25 Calamity (Linoone) lv 23 Marimegana (Gloom) lv 22 Exile (Dustox) lv 17 Spiritanon (Aron) lv 10 Noizea (Whismur) and Aldaron (Poochyena) are boxed. No Pokemon have died yet (except for wild Pokemon I decided not to...
  14. Sex

    I can't believe you guys are actually talking about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I just had a class about this subject past morning. XD It's kinda creepy.
  15. Sex

    This, definitely. This goes for all forms of sex, including all those weird fetishes you read about on the Internet. If it makes them happy, why not?