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  • I'm glad you think so! :D

    Oh wow, I see. o.o
    Hella overtime.

    Lucky. ;_;
    Lol. The giveaway's over you weirdo. xD
    Oh. Well I just help a giveaway, so that'll have to do xD

    Oh I see. His boss must be the Grinch. Working on Christmas sucks. :c

    ANd yeah. Shopping, wrapping presents, mailing packages. That kinda thing.
    No problem. :p
    But I'm not in college at the moment! I'm just running Christmas-related errands.

    Plans? FOr what? 400 posts ain't a big deal.
    Well I have no idea what the answer to the question even is xD
    I have to ask lucariojr for the answers so I can check. Until it's confirmed he got it right, the question is fair game, so yeah. :p
    Not all the questions are answered either!

    Anyways, I've been running errands all day and I'm so tired. X.x
    Thanks Shii :3
    People on FC seem much friendlier, but the quality of the Pokemon does go down :(

    You're right, I think I'll keep it here and gain a bank of awesome Pokemon :D
    Btw, if you ever need an EVer, lemme know. After EVing at least 80 Pokemon on Platinum, I think I've got a knack for it xD

    Again, cheers Shii :D
    Well, I'd go with something hilarious or geeky or both. Personally, if I were you, I'd name my trade thread Shuckle because I love apples and defense is all Shuckle has going for it.
    As for a layout, I'd look over other trade threads to think of possibilities. Or ask someone to make your format for you, which is what I did.
    Also, if you want B/W moving sprites, here's a link to a page full of them:
    Just right-click and open the image in a new page, then copy the link. xD

    If you choose to have it on FC I won't blame you, but you're more likely to find spam-cloned RNGs or hacked mons there. When I had my trade thread on FC, I was constantly finding hacked pokemon being traded to me. It got to the point that pretty much the only good things I was getting were hacked. So I quit trading there for that reason. It's also why I only trade my own stuff now. Then I can guarantee nothing I'm trading is hacked.

    No problem. xD
    Oh that's good! I'm glad! :D
    Weee trade thread! Are you gonna have lotsa lotsa pokemon? :p

    I've been okay I guess. How about you?
    Heheh, we didn't get banned! :P
    What happened was a lack of "adult supervision" in the venue we did it at (having 10 18-9 year olds apparently isn't enough.... >_>)
    Hey Defense!! Long time no see! But DAMN! I wish you came back sooner... The 3DS is gone! :((((

    I'm going to try and see if we can get another though! :)
    Well Palkia and Dialga have noticeable color changes actually. xD
    I like Dialga's green. <3
    Reshy's shiny form is pretty cool, but eh.

    Yeah, so many people have been leaving lately. .-.
    It sucks.

    Lol business. Yeah, everything's good. I guess. xD
    I'm sorry, but that wasn't me... It may have been my brother.
    Yeah, I agree. Shiny Char is awesome. xD

    Yeah, that annoys me. I can barely tell the difference between normal and shiny Chomp. He's just a darker shade of blue. :/
    Eh, I haven't been playing much :( I still have my HG, but that's old news these days. I think most people are far ahead in B/W. I was thinking of giving away all my pokemon, but i'm not sure on how I would organize something like that, or if anyone would want my old pokemon lol

    I'm in my last year of highschool, so I've been busy with studies and all that >.>
    Enough about me though. How have you been?
    Eh, I still like FC though. And it's not just because I'm a mod there. xD
    I learned about smogon on there though. And RNG abuse. I wanted to get flawless stuff. Shinies were vastly overrated because EVERYONE hacked them. And they didn't even have good colors either! D:
    True. :/

    Good tiems I guess. FC has a sufficient amount of crap going on. It's annoying, but oh well.
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