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  • Working on it. look at my box, in the social groups. working on a new format, etc.
    Thanks, and i hope so too.
    lol, i am actually more active on #smogonwifi, since the format is supported on my phone.
    I had a bit of a family crisis concerning my future, etc.
    Yeah. For a while, but i promise not to be as active.
    i am on here just to grab what i want...
    i may competitive battle, and maybe start a new thread...
    it's a quirk of the GTS, there's not much to be done. i restarted it, so hopefully thsat helps a little.
    No prob. I'll see if valir is on to ask him.

    Patience of a saint? Lol. I guess I do though considering how bad my brothers act.
    Well, honestly I would like the Speed Boost Blaziken. (my friend goes through Emerald constantly and would use Blaziken in his Black xD)
    If you were a winner, you get the poke for free. (and I'm not looking for non Unova pokes anyway.)
    I'm looking for a Calm Ditto. :/ Once I have that it'll be done in 5 minutes, no joke.
    as of now, no. i would but as of now i am trying to find a good spread for cobalion. also, i kinda wanna wait until i can non c-gear becuz i herd rng reporter only finds japanese spreads for non c-gear i wanna wait becuz if i can non c-gear rng, then simply using the mtivrng check code, i will be able to easily rng Reshiram ; D
    lol that was totally random.
    Im fine, but have sorta been inactive on wifi.
    How are you?
    Hey I thought you wanted to do stuff! lol, Wormadam has another GP check and you're going to have to update your other stuff to the new format, so whenever you can do it, get it done please!
    True dat lol

    Iunno if I'm gonna start 5th gen RNG for a while. This mac runs rng reporter rather badly, so. :s
    Well Family Guy can be very entertaining every now and then :D
    About Red... he is probably taking a break, or so I wish. I don't think he is gone, he should visit occasionally! In that sense, he didn't go anywhere Λ_Λ
    Oh thanks for asking; I am not ill, but because of massive stress (university entry exams and some other real life problems) my stomach is acting up, badly, to the extent I can't breathe, sleep or anything. I am supposed to get medication for two weeks and then get checked again.
    I had the clones made in advance and only signed on distributors if there was enoglugh demand to get.more. and im trying to get him out but I've.literally not been on at the same time as him
    It's no problem.

    Sorry but I haven't received the Zoroark yet. I'll tell you when I do though.
    I'll probably go into Psychology and Creative Writing if I can handle the double major. The latter because I've sparked an interest in regards to the game industry and I would love to make some epic world. Perhaps something in Science if the other two don't go my way. Hah, hey, don't steal my groove! I plan on dabbling in commentary/film making on YT if I've got spare time in the future.
    Eh, Smogon's never known me. I might go back to FC for a bit and try and reconnect with some people. Might do a giveaway for old times sake here. No promises, though. It's all up to you if you want my Pogeymanz. I'm lazy - but if you want them, I'll chuck them at you in... July, perhaps? Internet connection here is ATROCIOUS, no lie.
    Good to see I've still got the funny bone in me.
    Actually. I just realised Black and White came out through a podcast. Might come back as a casual gamer, nothing too fancy. I certainly don't plan on going back into competitive any time soon.
    That.. would be nice. Just us hanging out again.
    Psh, perhaps he's more entertaining than us or something. :P You never know. She's a young female, she could've been swayed by some dashing debonair. And I know what you're talking about, man. School's a killer, and trying to keep a social life with that is almost impossible.
    The only thing that could be a problem is the internet connection from here. If you ever wanted them and my Wi-Fi doesn't work well enough to trade, then you'll have to wait until I get back to Singapore on my vacation.
    Hah, I'm more than happy to come online to Smogon and talk to you, bro. If not about Pokemon, then about anything under the sun. I'm in a new environment now for quite awhile to get through school, so it'd be nice to have a bit of nostalgia hit me to remind me that I'm not completely lost.
    Also - good to hear that you've got nice stuff going on for you life. :P
    If you quit anytime soon to move onto bigger and better things, let me wish you well in advance too. You probably won't need it (especially from some random dude over cyberspace), but good luck in all your endeavors and I'm sure you'll succeed in anything you put your mind to.
    Afterall, you're doing pretty good in Smogon - and we thought of it as a hell trap before, didn't we?
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