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  • All I really found was that she started her own little RNG thing after I left and got a ton of bashing from asshats who couldn't handle the whole "No, game manipulation isn't cheating, and if it were, who cares? Deal with it." Quit FC, and then she blipped out from Smogon as well, correct? Damn, my interwebs stalking skills have gone down the gutter.
    I guess she just lost interest as well. Perhaps she found a boyfriend, had to make more time for school. Who knows? I miss her too, though. Awesome person that I wish we still had some form of contact with. You and her were the few memorable people I remember from my Pokemon days.
    Also, I'm not too bothered about my Pokemon not being spread about. I RNG'd the common just so I could have my name on it. If you'd like however, I could always pass you copies of mine. My game should still be intact despite my not touching it for months.
    (I didn't realise there was a word limit. HA, continued in next VM.)
    hello just wondering something about the giveaway, you had with abomasnow ive been reading it over, and for the names in bold when you said they had fully redi status on aboma snow does that mean it is fully redi for the next person i trade it too as well?
    Put the other sets in Hide tags (QC really needs to think hard about this one), but yeah make my/FB's set the main one.
    Writing analyses is pretty much how to get the pre-contributor.

    Just keep them up, and you'll have on in no time =)
    So is FF3, the remake for DS, I believe.

    FF12 is so underrated. It's pretty different from what you'd expect from a FF, but it's an amazing game.

    Yeah, that's what I think about FF10. It's repetitive. Not as much as 13, thou. FF13 might be the worst FF I ever played.

    Btw, have you played FFT?
    Well I wrote sets, analyses, and helped update the Little Cup analysis queue quite often back when the OP was busy with other things.

    That's pretty much it.
    FF7 is pretty good. 3, I honestly don't know if you're talking about the original japanese 3 or the american 3 (which was the japanese 6). If you mean 6, I agree, it's one of the best FF ever made. If you mean the japanese 3, I don't know. Don't remember having played it.

    And, honestly, FF10 is good, but not that good. I find FF12 and FF9 better than 10. Have you played FF12?

    Never played. I'll put on my to play list. :)
    I started contributing in September 2010. I got my badge at the end of January. A little more than 4 months?
    Yeah, if you're into classics, go play Final Fantasy 4 or 6. :) They're amazing. FF4 even got a remake for DS.
    Well, I don't know in which one she appeared first, but she's a staple in every Final Fantasy I've seen.
    Okay, just give me a moment. And add my Main HG FC in my sig. What yours?

    Edit: PS.: It's a good idea to separate which winners should get from which distributor, as to not flood one distributor.
    Good luck with a Pre-contributor badge. It's hard work (though it's the easiest badge to obtain), but it's all worth it.

    (saw your post on Wild Eep's wall)
    Yeah I entered the giveaway with my story about how I got creeped out eating cookies on the subway :)
    Ya I see what you meant now. I thought you meant you were giving out the top 3 as fully-redis for all of smogon which would then defeat the purpose of giving out the other 7 as semi-redis.

    Anyways.. Na I'm not from Friendcodes, Shella/Entei are just cool people I met here on Smogon.
    I'm going for Skorupi this time, but it's ok, I was 2 off my frame last time lol.
    Inconsistent battle advancements are the bane of my existence ;_;
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